Beck Beyond the Sea

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Product Description
Beck can’t help wondering what lies outside Pixie Hollow. Then Beck meets a flock of Explorer Birds and has her chance. With Vidia’s special pixie dust, Beck can fly faster and farther than ever before. She joins the far-flying Explorer Birds, to see what’s beyond the sea. But why would selfish Vidia help Beck? Is it possible she just wants Beck to leave Pixie Hollow . . . for good?… More >>

Beck Beyond the Sea

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Young girls with vivid imaginations, or just a fondness for animals, will love this charming adventure. Thirty-two delicate watercolor illustrations help raise it to a level above the typical storybook. Teaching a gentle lesson about shame, it focuses on Beck, a curious fairy with a special talent for talking with wildlife.

Beck’s job is to take care of Mother Dove, the source of all goodness in Pixie Hollow. Beck wants to explore all of Never Land, beyond where fairies roam. But how to fly there? Her fairy wings won’t take her far enough. She tries wing extenders, then a tiny sleigh, but neither work. Finally, some special fairy dust from sneaky fairy Vidia does the trick.

Traveling with the brilliant Explorer Birds, Beck’s adventures include dodging flying ice, being plucked out of ocean by a seagull and riding aboard a rabbit and a fox.

Back home, Beck learns to her shame that, since she left Mother Dove unprotected, Vidia stole her magical feathers! With a little help from the animals, Vidia gets her comeuppance and Mother Dove forgives her.

The quality presentation includes a lovely cover portrait of Beck that’s complete with sparkles on her wings. The book’s reading level is 2.7.
Rating: 5 / 5

In my opinion, the best Disney Fairy books are those that have the conflict growing out of the fairy “talents”. (The talents are both gifts and curses.)

Here, Beck’s fascination with animals (she is an animal talent) leads her into an interest in exploring, and eventually to Vidia for advice.

It is too bad Vidia is usually being portrayed as the “bad girl”. Her “speed talent” has become a “speed addiction” so she tends to break rules and disregard everything else as pointless. Her independent streak is her strength, but also her weakness because she is ALWAYS alienated from the “group”

I was excited at first when Vidia and Beck started talking because they would make a POWERFUL adventuring team! But no,… Beck is instead portrayed as not too bright and Vidia goes back to being an outcast.

Too bad.
Rating: 4 / 5

I received this order promptly and the book was in great condition. I purchased it for an elementary school in our area. It has been checked out on a regular basis, the kids love the book and would love more like it.
Rating: 5 / 5

This book was about Beck, an animal talent fairy who’s job it is to take care of Mother Dove. She got inspired to travel to the world beyond fairy hollow and the first portion of the book deals with her trying to figure out a way to endure the travel since her fairy dust will most likely run out before she can complete her trip. The obvious answer would have been for her to put in a special request to Queen Ri or something but then we wouldn’t have a story. Anyway, after a few mishaps she meets Vidia who gives her some super-strong fairy dust and she’s on her way.

her adventures were waaaay too short. I loved the concept of the explorer birds and the striped sea and the desert with the sand that talks but I wish Beck had spent more time exploring, I was real disappointed in how rushed it was.

I hated how Vidia ended up being the bad guy too since she’s one of my favorite fairies. but overall this is one of the best fairy books in the series! definitely in my top 3!
Rating: 4 / 5

I love these books because they help give more about Tinkerbell, my all time favorite disney character. You have to have an open mind when reading these books, as they are a whole different side of what we have come to know about this little sassy fairy. But my niece and I love to read them together, and these books have helped us create a stronger, more unique bond.
Rating: 5 / 5

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