City of the Lost Children

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City of the Lost Children

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City of Lost Children is a strange and interesting game created after the beautiful French film of the same name. Unfortunately it falls very short of the movie. You play as a little girl who lives in a strange, dark city, and who must complete all sorts of strange tasks to avoid having her dreams taken away from her.

The graphics aren’t THAT bad for the year this game is made, and I remember thinking they were pretty good when this game first came out. But now they really aren’t that great at all. The sounds are limited and annoying. You’ll often get sick of the girl’s moaning “I have nothing in my pockets!” or “I can’t do that!”. The game is pretty short and simple and younger kids may enjoy it a lot, but they probably won’t understand much since it is a rather dark game. There’s not much violence really at all that I can remember so it should be okay for younger children to play, but it may be a bit creepy to really young kids.

Overall, it was ok back then, but now it’s really not that good at all. Get it if you want your kid to have something to do, but be warned that they may not understand. Anyone over 12 won’t find it interesting. I’m not even too sure about younger kids.
Rating: 2 / 5

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