Smart Kid’s: Party Fun Pak

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  • An assortment of mini-games specifically designedwith young boys and girls in mind. This combines all the features found in the Smart Boys and Girls series.
  • 36 mini-games that bring out your child’s creativity and talents, this title will keep your little one occupied for hours.
  • Perfectly designed with the youngest gamers in mind, our title delivers a fun, safe and creative environment that parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents will approve of. This title is a safe bet for introducing them into the pastime of playing games.
  • Using the unique features of the DS, your child can interact with the games using the stylus or their fingers, actively engaging and incorporating them in to the world of learning and fun.
  • Aimed at parents, you can record two messages directly into the game so when your children do well in an activity, a familiar voice will congratulate them on their accomplishment, reinforcing and encouraging them.

Product Description
The Award Winning Series is Back and Better Than Ever! The first and only developmentally appropriate game for the Nintendo DS just got better! Filled with a nice mix of fun, creativity and skill building games, this wholesome title is a must have for the youngest gamer! Perfect for families with little boys and girls!… More >>

Smart Kid’s: Party Fun Pak

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Smart Kid’s Party Fun Pak is a great game for girls and boys. It’s like two games in one. One set of games is for girls and the other set is for boys. But if your child is like my niece, they’ll enjoy playing all of the games no matter their gender.

There are 36 mini-games in this collection. Believe me, this game will keep your child busy until you decide they’ve played long enough. You’ll have to explain the games at first. But after one or two plays, the child should be able to play alone just be looking at the graphics. Even if they can’t read, most of the games are easy to figure out after one play.

The games here are fun and educational. For instance, connect the dots teaches counting. The coloring book helps learn colors. Spot the difference focuses on concentration. Ladder game strengthens logic skills. And so on.
Rating: 5 / 5

This is a release that includes two other new games, Smart Girl’s: Party Game and Smart Boy’s: Toy ClubSmart Boy’s: Toy Club. For an extra $[...] over the cost of one, you get them both!

There is a strange interface tack-on at the beginning that lets you choose either the girl or boy games – but you can’t go back. You will have to turn the game on and off to go back to the first screen to choose the other set of games. Odd.

My 4 year-old-girl is familiar with the games in Smart Kid’s: Gameclub, and she was able to figure out how to play almost all the games on her own. She likes the girl and boy games, just as she liked both of them in Gameclub. Some of the new games are more difficult and require more hand-eye coordination, like the claw game and the hoop throw. She still works at these, but seems to enjoy the challenge.

Unlike the first set (Gameclub), some things will save on this game, like the fastest race time.

On the downside, some of these games are impossible and annoying, like the connect the dots game that is impossible (even for mom) to complete without an “eeeeeenh”.

In general, though, this is a great value. You won’t find many other games out there for this age group that please your munchkins more than this series. I keep my DS with this game, Gameclub, and one of the storybook games in my purse for those slow, fidgety periods. You know, like when you go out to eat with your sweetie and munchkin, and the munchkin eats her dinner in 3 bites, is full and bored and ready to go RIGHT NOW, but you haven’t even finished your salad.
Rating: 5 / 5

I looked at all of the Smart Kid’s games. This one has all the games on it (for boys and girls). My daughters (4 and 3) both love it and can play it without any (or very little help). They play the boy or girl games. I definitely recommend it.
Rating: 5 / 5

I purchased this product for my grandson who turned 4 in January, 2009. He absolutely loves it. He sat down and after showing him how to navagate the Nintendo DS and a few of the games he took right off and was able to figure out different games on his own. I am very pleased with this product as whenever my grandson comes over he immediately goes for the Nintendo DS so he can play “His” games.
Rating: 5 / 5

My 6 year old daughter enjoys this game…my 4 year old son likes it a little, too. I know it is aimed towards being able to be played by younger kids, like 4 year olds, but it is still a little difficult for him to play on his own..he leans more towards playing the crayola coloring games and the teddy bear making game. My daughter enjoys it, though. But they don’t play it for too long. They usually go back to other games after a while.
Rating: 3 / 5

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