Codename: Kids Next Door – Operation S.O.D.A.

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  • Based on the hit show from Cartoon Network that features 5 extraordinary 10-year olds.
  • Play as all 5 Kids Next Door Operatives, each with their own unique abilities.
  • Danger or Sooper Danger? Just when the KND think they’ve got those villains beat, Danger become Sooper Dangers!
  • Build and customize crazy 2×4 technology! Gather ordinary junk that combines to create weapons and vehicles that only the KND can control!
  • Bring on the Goo! A blast from the KND soda syrup gun leaves evil villains in a sticky situation!

Product Description
Product InformationWith the recent unanimous passing of the Soda Control Act through the CompletelyUnbiased We Don’t Like Kids Adult Senate the drinking age of soda has beenraised to 13 years and older. The Kids Next Door have refused to recognize thisdastardly attempt at keeping their favorite beverage from children and havetaken it upon themselves to run a bootlegging operation providing soda to anykid worldwide who wants it with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Mr. Fizz the k… More >>

Codename: Kids Next Door – Operation S.O.D.A.

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