Empire Earth 2

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  • Real-time strategy game
  • Create an empire through 15 epochs that span more than 10,000 years of history
  • All-new dynamic artificial intelligence system adapts quickly to your moves
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) system allows you to control various regions of your civilization in real-time
  • Single player and multiplayer LAN or Internet modes

Product Description
Build, divide and conquer the world, making your mark on history once again. Relive the complete span of human history. Take control with a breakthrough new interface. Rule as never before!… More >>

Empire Earth 2

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I picked up Sudeki at a bargain price, thinking I was onto a good thing after reading various magazine reviews. After playing Sudeki for a few hours it didn’t really click with me, so it got put in the pile of games to play when I ran out of better ones, and I generally never get to those – there’s always Gitaroo Man to zap through again, or a dance mat to jump up and down on, so in reality is a game that’s been consigned forever to the gaming shelf, thus saving me the effort of ever having to play it again. Harsh words, sure. What I can say about Sudeki is this: It’s another game that over hyped itself, and under-delivered; a western developer attempting to make a Japanese style RPG. Microsoft, seeing it as finally an RPG for the Xbox jumped all over it and declared it the best thing ever, but most people – to quote a useful forum word – found it a bit “meh”.

Now with the arrival of the Xbox360 it turns out that the Xbox was not the ideal console choice for RPG lovers like myself. So now what, Playation 3, Nintendos Revolution or chance it again with the new Xbox 360.
Rating: 2 / 5

I will not say that I hate the game matter of fact I quite enjoyed it but when it came down to the story it was just not great. You keep wanting more but you just don’t get it and every thing is predictable and when watching early previews of the game they seem to have taken out a lot of features that would have made the game much more enjoyable such In the previews Tal the main character could jump and it was a royal pain in the but not be able to jump in the game you can be less than a foot away from were you need to be but you can’t even jump that far… and you have to take the long way around, And the story line is unbelievably predictable I already had the hole story line figured out in about 30 mins into the game. And most of it was hinted in the opening. Also the map system was very confusing it was extremely easy to get turned around and go the wrong way and have to fight battles all over again. And You can get to the end of the game easily just being level 20 or so but the boss is so hard you are forced to train for an amount of time that is may have taken you to get that far in the game. Try fighting the boss at level 20 and you’ll die in one hit. Also the graphics where not up to par with most other Xbox games many thing could have been done to enhance the graphics of the game and many features the Xbox possesses wear not used.

I am a game lover and it is very hard to disappoint me but for all the hype there was about this game it in the end really leaves you with an empty. And the fact that you are not high enough in level when you face the boss and there is no way to run from battles is sort of lame in my opinion you should be almost perfect level to fight him if not over leveled

The game was fun don’t get me wrong you could play as any character on your team it was nice being able to play from 1st or 3rd person during battles but in truth there where only two types of characters.

Word of caution, rent the game before you buy it you’ll be very glade you did it only took me 3 days to beat it and half of that time I was leveling up for the final boss. I made the mistake of buying it and now I’m done with it and have no disire to play it again.
Rating: 2 / 5

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