Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess 1: Opening Strategies, The Queen’s Gambit

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  • Over 3 Hours of Garry Kasparov’s training and teaching video
  • Playable on PC & TV (DVD-ROM and DVD video)
  • ChessMedia-System: All actions and positions explained in the video are displayed fully synchronized and visually supported on the chessboard
  • New ChessBase 9.0 Reader
  • Deep Position Analysis Engine for any unanswered (“what if?” and “why not?”) questions and alternative moves

Product Description
Powered by FRITZ, the world’s number 1 ranked computer chess software This all-new and absolutely unique interactive video features the greatest chess player of all time, Garry Kasparov and the world’s most sophisticated chess program, FRITZ. For the first time, Garry Kasparov explains to chess enthusiasts why the Queen’s Gambit is one of the most important openings in chess, and what the ideas behind this opening are. He does this using the Fritz Chess … More >>

Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess 1: Opening Strategies, The Queen’s Gambit

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I enjoyed watching Kasparov discuss the Queen’s Gambit with such brilliance, and I agree with other reviewers who say that he comes across as down-to-earh. There is no question about his passion for the game, and any chess player will enjoy the commentary of this legendary grandmaster. I give it four stars because a better production was actually possible. In fact, with a bit of focus and organization, this DVD could have been a valuable instructional tool. The problem is that Kasparov goes on many tangents, and while this is occasionally unavoidable when discussing variations, it can become tedious. It’s not a matter of his English, either–he expresses himself well. Overall, I couldn’t help but get the impression that this was filmed haphazardly–that is, he probably just sat down and began discussing the opening any which way. What was needed was the careful selection of themes within the framework of the lecture; the DVD could have been divided into crucial minilessons that retained focus instead of random observations with loose-fitting titles. If the aim was to teach, then the approach needs modification. I’m a decent player with club and some tournament experience. I followed him as best as I could, but I can see a beginner being easily overwhelmed and quickly losing interest. As a fan, it’s a pleasure to watch him discuss the game; as a life-long student of chess, I expect more.
Rating: 4 / 5

Garrys DVD is quite inspiring. Even though he just retired you can feel the love of the game.

You get several chapters on Theory and several longer chapters of games in a DVD format.

These can be viewed on TV or with your Fritz/Shredder 8 package.

Additionally the CD contains a database with the Queens Gambit Declined opening book and games

I have a rating of 2170 and I did not buy this for study, but for entertainment, but I was surprised to see myself try a few of the recommendations Kasparov mentioned in the Lasker variation the very next day.


- Garry loves chess and you can feel it

- Garry has played the best players and he is able to

portrait this in his comments.

- The format is great in Chessbase

- I love to have the opening tree available in Chessbase

oh it comes with the reader


- Garry’s english is not 100% fluent, but it is totally adequate

- THE DVD is a little choppy on my DVD, but then it might be my player.

All in All

I love it just for the possibility to have Garry in my family room.
Rating: 5 / 5

It is:

1) A highly informative survey of many classical QGD lines and historic games.

2) A very short overview of non-QGD openings.

3) Garry talking casually and 80 mph about the above.

4) A big database.

5) Crystal clear on Fritz.

6) For those who are interested in chess history & getting “the big picture” on an important opening.

7) Nice to hear how to pronounce all those foreign names.

8) Loosely structured around main variations and famous games.

It isn’t:

1) For players looking for a repertoire.

2) For beginners (which it might appear to be by the advertising)

3) “Instructional” in the common meaning of the term.

4) Clear enough for me on the DVD player.

I really enjoyed the product because I didn’t have any real expectations as to exactly what it would be like. I recommend getting Matthew Sadler’s book on the Queen’s Gambit Declined as well and then sitting down for some serious study! Garry doesn’t really talk over your head, he simply covers a lot of ground in 3 hours and this can be overwhelming if you try to take in too much of it at one time.
Rating: 5 / 5

As one of Mr. Kasparov’s first such ventures, this was one heck of a product. It’s best used in a computer v.s a DVD player. I agree with a previous review that the language is a bit tough, but I could appreciate the natural conversation. The games are excellent, but I wished that he had gone into more detail about the decision for some moves. Overall, it’s a worth the purchase. I actually obtained this version from the manufacturer, before it was available on Amazon, so the Amazon price is much better. I just wish that Amazon would come thru with #2, that’s been on order since January!
Rating: 4 / 5

Garry Kasparov comes across so well in this video. He’s charismatic and down to earth –and able to communicate and teach in a universal and accessible way. It’s like having him in your living room when you start the dvd. I bet even people who don’t know a thing about chess would find this fantastic just because it’s him. The other really cool thing in this DVD is that the chessboard illustrates what he says with highlighted squares and arrows. Any one who “experiences” his private tutoring will be able to impress others with their chess smarts & newfound vocabulary. I totally recommend this title for all chess players and young, school age chess players too. Advanced players will want to pop this into their computers so they can use the games database and analysis functions.

And really, since he’s really the best chess player ever in history, this is really equivalent to God speaking about miracles.

Rating: 5 / 5

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