Iron Storm for PC

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  • The last Great War rages on; all you have ever known is the madness of the front lines and of men butchering each other
  • War-torn Europe stands ripped apart by a frontline that runs straight through the heart of Germany where US and W. European troops battle enemy forces
  • Opposing forces mercilessly attack each other with unrelenting force, claiming small victories one day only to lose them the next
  • As Lieutenant James Anderson, you must infiltrate and destroy key enemy positions deep behind enemy lines using your sharpened combat skills

Product Description
The Last Great War Still RagesOn…                Product InformationWestern Germany March 1964The last Great War continues to rage on. All you have ever known is the madnessof the front lines and of men butchering each other. War-torn Europe standsripped apart by a front line that runs straight through the heart of Germanywhere American and Western European troops battle against enemy forces. In aneternal war that seems to have no end in sight oppo… More >>

Iron Storm for PC

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The people who actually lived through it called it not WWII but “The War”. What if The War had never ended; what if it kept going on its youth grinding path for decades, absorbing lives and destroying dreams, and, eventually, becoming an economic entity of its own? Well, that would have been an alternative world in great need of heroes.

You will be fitting the well-used boots of James Anderson, an officer on the Allied side, sent deep behind enemy lines with the core objective of disrupting and disabling the Russian weapons program. Things, of course, do no go as planed. They rarely do in games with good stories.

The atmosphere is bleak and grey and the level design is exceptional. The environments clearly depict a grim world where the shadow of war has set in the land and in deep the hearts of people. Shell-torn houses, muddy ditches and endless trenches are all that is left of Europe after 2 generations of endless warfare. Alternating between drab outdoor vistas, claustrophobic trenches and war-delapitaded buildings helps submerge the player in the game world, and makes him feel like he’s the one creating the story.

The set of weapons is excellently balanced, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. A lot of FPS games get ruined by badly designed, ineffective or overly-effective weapons. IRON STORM’s weapons should be taught in game-designer seminars! Sniping is highly encouraged, however, when in close and confided spaces nothing beats a shotgun’s deadly spread.

Where it looses the 5th star: for starters, the controls are not remapable! I prefer using the arrow-keys (instead of the WASD-configuration), and customizing the keyboard controls to conform with my habits. However, whenever this was attempted the game…crashed – unacceptable for a game of this caliber.

Moreover, the game setting just begs for a multiplayer. However, the lag is totally atrocious and renders the multiplayer practically useless.

Now, this is a beautiful but in no way an easy game. There are snipers everywhere and you are all alone (frankly though, this not as bad as it sounds given that the quality of squads’ AI has not improved over the years). On top of that, there is an endless number of nerve-racking German K9 units, tough enemy infantry, hidden bunkers, elite gunmen and ever-changing objectives from headquarters: all will stand in your way to victory. Bravery is rewarded – but, sometimes, a full frontal attack will only make sure you will be reloading again and again. Sneaking your way through heavily guarded areas is, in many instances, the only way to stay alive and fight another day…

All in all, although not perfect, it does come close. This is a serious FPS game for serious gamers.

Rating: 4 / 5

If you are tired of WWII, then this is definatly a different feel. Not for the “run and gun” types, this requires some tactics and thought. And then some running and gunning!

I liked it enough, I played it through again later.

I have not tried the multiplayer mode, though.
Rating: 5 / 5

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