Knights Apprentice: Memorick’s Adventures

Posted by staff | Posted in Education and Reference | Posted on 11-01-2011


  • Features easy pick-up and play style for gamers of all skill levels.
  • Shield, sword, armor and strength upgrades throughout the game
  • Dynamic cast of charcters and fantastic creatures
  • Based on famous Arthurian legends, in superb fairy-tale setting, with beautiful 3D interactive environments

Product Description
Defend your native land!Product InformationIn a remote part of Avalon known as the floating isles a now secluded Merlinis busy with the education of Memorick his young apprentice.  And thoughthe boy is making great progress his heart lies elsewhere.  Secretly hedreams of justice honor and knighthood…in essence al things not wizardly.As Memorick you will defend your native land from dark armies raised andtrained by the evil Morganna.  You will explore and fight … More >>

Knights Apprentice: Memorick’s Adventures

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