Putt-Putt Pep’s Birthday Surprise

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Listen…Think…Explore!   Join Putt-Putt in a fun learning adventure!  

Putt-Putt is a lovable little purpleconvertible with a go-getting attitude who always helps his friends!  Join him as he travels through Cartown gathering everything he needs to throw a surprise party for his best pal, Pep.  It’s Pep’s first birthday party ever!
Encourages critical thinking Fosters listening and memory skills Emp… More >>

Putt-Putt Pep’s Birthday Surprise

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Well the old Humongous Entertainment games, the ones before Atari took them over, took 0 MB, lets say that out loud, ZERO MegaBytes of space on your hard drive. This takes 600MB on your hard drive alone. In addition it is a memory hog!!! 256MB of RAM just for itself, so if you run a bunch of things in the background, like most of us do, Anti-virus, firewalls, any update program, Etc… and you don’t have gobs of memory to just give to the 3 year to 8 old who might use this program, forget it.

I am so, so very disappointed with Atari!!! Their first attempt was with Pajama Sam (#4) Life Rough When You Lose Your Stuff. I bought this when it first came out thinking it was one of the great humongous entertainment new games, little did I know. I tried to install it on my sons system and it totally froze up, then I actually read the product specs. It looked like my son’s computer had the minimum but the program didn’t like his computer.

I had several computers at the time and tried it on another which rejected it also. I then decided to put it on my main computer, this is what it worked with, which was the fastest and largest in the house at the time. It did install and worked but took the majority of my memory at the time. The voice was no longer the cute voice of Pajama Sam but a deeper more mature voice. I could probably get over the new voice if I didn’t have to use the best computer in the house to get it to work. Truly I didn’t play out the game nor did my son since it was on my computer. So I cannot say if it is fun or not but I can be almost certain that it is changed, not the same old Putt-Putt or Pajama Sam.

I am now re-ordering the old Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, and Pajama Sam, that I have lost misplaced or given away, for my youngest. They are wonderful!! Some of the Putt-Putt’s are so old that the quality is a bit rough, like Putt-Putt goes to the moon.

The before Atari games are–


goes to the moon

joins the parade

travels through Time

joins the circus

enters the race

save the zoo

Freddi Fish-The case of

The Missing Kelp Seed

The Haunted School House

The Stolen Conch Shell

The Hogfish Hustlers of Briny Gulch

The Creature of Coral Cove

Pajama Sam

No Need To Hide When It Is Dark Outside

Thunder and Lightening Aren’t So Frightening

You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet




Football [I'm not sure of BasketBall or Hockey I think they are OK]

Spy Fox (visually not as nice, but a little harder for older kids)

Dry Cereal

Some Assembly Required

Operation Ozone

If your child is young and you want some nice games they can just slip into the drive and play, get the old ones. They are wonderful, entertaining and educational. The kids have to figure things out and put things together all the while they travel through a great environment.

Rating: 1 / 5

Great value, hours of fun, easy to use, very educational. My pre-schooler has been enjoying Putt-Putt CD Roms for 2 years now (she has 5), and her older 11 year old sister enjoys “helping” her when she needs it. Good, clean, quiet fun with a hidden purpose- to learn.
Rating: 5 / 5

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