QuickStart Spanish

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  • For Beginners, Travelers & Advanced Speakers:  What is most difficult about learning another language? Getting started! Quickstart Spanish Immersion software is designed to for you to start quickly, and maximizes the full potential o

Product Description
Learning Is Fast Fun and Friendly with QuickstartSpanish Immersion!Product InformationQuickstart Spanish Immersion software is designed for you to start quickly and maximizethe full potential of the widely accepted method of learning a language -the “Immersion” Method. The learning method is similar to the wayyou would acquire your own native language. Each word is introduced in a context wheremeaning is clear and memorable. The spoken and written words are associat… More >>

QuickStart Spanish

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There is no animation. This is really boring. I was looking for a fun way to learn for my son, but this is not at all geared toward any age of child. Adults who like dull things may like it though. :)
Rating: 1 / 5

I still think you need to practice with friends but for a computer nerd, this was helpful
Rating: 5 / 5

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