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  • Helps you to pass the official Driving Test Theory Exam and Road Test; illustrated educational program as well as an evaluational test.
  • Includes the information from all US & Canada Official Driver’s Handbooks and helps you to see the difference in traffic laws; offered in English, Spanish, and French languages.
  • First multi state/province application that was designed for new drivers, travelers, tourists and also for any experienced driver who wishes to learn new traffic laws.
  • Guide you to travel from state to state, province to province and save you money. The more you use US & CANADA DRIVING TEST – the more you learn and drive more safely!
  • Offers you 2 options: Study (contains Hints, Correct answers) and Exam (evaluate and decide if you are ready to pass the official Driving Test Theory Exam and Road Test).

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Great product for beginners and experienced drivers. Covers every thing you need to pass driver’s license exams and drive safely; modern way of study using interactive quizzes. Software contains also direct links to all Departments/Ministries of Transportation where you can get updated information and requirements. Different rules in each state/province; therefore, travellers can use is as well. Children riding their bikes on the streets can use it to study road signs and traffic rules (a lot of graphic). Includes links to maps with directions; nice and user friendly interfaces; overall product is well done.CDL: Commercial Driver’s License Manual
Rating: 5 / 5

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