Bruce Lee: Fighting Words

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Even 30 years after his death, Bruce Lee remains a legend the world over. His writings and biographies continue to sell and his millions of fans worldwide are always eager for new and interesting information on him. This collection picks up where the popular Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit left off. Comprised of a series of short, pithy selections including anecdotes, interviews, and short essays, the book reflects the many facets of a complex man with two distinctly dif… More >>

Bruce Lee: Fighting Words

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I read this some time ago not long after reading Fighting spirit. Its a sober and palpable read this book was. I liked the chapter on joe lewis. It put Bruce’s feet on the ground and out the air of diety so many other books built around him.Thomas didnt dress this up. He portrayed the memory of Bruce as flawed and eccentric—like most of us. It made him accessible and you can appreciate Bruce as a man of plain hard work.
Rating: 3 / 5

very interresting book for all Bruce Lee / Jeet Kune Do / Martial Arts students, i recommend “fighting words”.
Rating: 4 / 5

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