Def Jam Fight for NY

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  • Turn 40 of the biggest names in hip-hop into street brawlers — from Busta Rhymes and Method Man to Ice T and Slick Rick
  • Fight it out in 22 interactive venues, complete with destructible environments and spectators who jump into the fight
  • Create your own fighting style based on multiple systems and moves — ad create new blazin’ moves to finish off the punk you’re facing
  • Build your own street-ready fighter and outfit him gear, tattoo, even bling from Jacob the Jeweler

Product Description
Def Jam: Fight For NY turns any player into a hip-hop legend. Step into the shoes of a ruthless street fighter battling for control of New York’s hip-hop underground. You’ve got to survive 90 fights in over 20 venues, with a new fighting engine and dozens of weapons. Make a name for yourself on the streets of New York, to prove you’re the king(or queen) of hip-hop!… More >>

Def Jam Fight for NY

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Although I am not a big rap or wrestling fan, I love fighting games. Since I enjoyed Def Jam Vendetta, I figured Def Jam Fight for NY would be worth checking out. It has turned out to be the most entertaining fighting game I have ever played.

The game’s single-player storyline revolves around a turf conflict between rival gangs, in which the ownership of clubs and other territory is determined by fights. Over the course of the single-player story, you unlock new fighters and venues which can be selected during other game modes, and develop your character.

The create-a-fighter feature was brilliantly incorporated into the story, and provides a good deal of control over the look of your character. You choose the body type, height, weight, skin tone, head shape, eye shape and color, hair style and color, facial hair style and color, even eyebrow shape and color, and select from one of five fighting styles to start out (kick boxing, street fighting, wrestling, martial arts, submissions).

As you progress through the game, you earn points which can be used to improve your fighter’s abilities and learn new moves and up to two additional fighting styles. You also earn money, which can be used to purchase clothing, jewelry, tattoes, and hair styles. The number of choices, which is huge to begin with, increases as you get further through the game. The better dressed you are, the more the crowd favors you, which helps during fights by increasing your “momentum” meter. When this meter is full, you are able to go into “blazin” mode, where you can perform special moves.

Due to the variety of fighting styles and fight modes available, I think this game will appeal to anyone who enjoys fighting games regardless of their style preference. If you prefer martial arts you can create a fighter that uses kick boxing or martial arts (looks like kung fu in the game), if you prefer wrestling you can create a fighter that uses wrestling and submissions. If you just want smack the hell out of people and aren’t concerned with style, you can create a fighter that uses street fighting.

Even my fiancee, who doesn’t care much for video games, has found it entertaining. She watches the fights, then when it comes time for me to buy new clothing or jewelry for my fighter or choose a new hair style, she helps me choose (I know a bit about fighting, but nothing about hip hop fashion).


Intuitive controls

Great create-a-fighter feature

Impressive graphis

Lots of variety (fighters, venues, styles, clothing, fight types, etc.)


I figured I should include a pro and cons section so that this review would be balanced, but I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes and still can’t think of anything about the game that I don’t like.
Rating: 5 / 5

Def Jam Vendetta was a huge success but the main problem was the game was too short. There were absolutely no weapons of and no variety of different match types. The option of create a wrestler was also not there. Apart from those minor glitches the game was good. Def Jam Fight For New York will be a much improved sequal. To start off with there will be about 45+ artists in the game including ones from the first title such as Redman, Method Man and Ludacris. There are lots of new ones like Busta Rhymes, Ice-T, Lil Kim, Flava Flav, Carmen Electra, Sticky Fingaz and Snoop Dogg. If you haven’t played the first let me fill you in. You had to fight your way to the top by defeating D-Mob’s crew. Once you got past them, it was you and D-Mob, before the match there was a cut scene where D-Mob shot your good friend Manny. Once you defeat him he goes to prison and the game is over. Fight For New York has a brand new stoyline. D-Mob has been broken out by someone and that someone is you. D-Mob returns to find his place threatened by a new comer Crow. You play as one of D-Mob’s crew trying to fight your way to the top and take down Crow. Along the way you will be helped by your trainer Henry Rollins. As you progress through the game you earn more cash and just as well you have a place to spend it. You can get new tattoo any time you want. If you want a new hairstyle you can pay a visit to the barber and if you want to bling bling in a new outfit visit Jacob the Jeweler.

The gameplay mechanics have been thought over and have been significantly improved. When you begin you choose one of the five different fighting styles: kickboxing , street fighting, martial arts, submission and wrestling. You start with this style though as you progress you can have two additional fighting styles. Each style has different moves at it’s disposal. Martial Arts will be based on timing and executing your kicks and punches whereas wrestling will be based on grappling and suplexes. The controls are going to be relatively simple. There will be two strike buttons one for punches and one for kicks presumably, a grapple button to lock on to your opposition and a run button. These will be on the four main buttons on the PS2 anolog joypad, X, square, triangle and circle. The movement will be controlled same as the first Def Jam. The biggest new features are the new weapons and match types. The action is going to be bigger, badder and better with all new interactive weapons ranging from bottles to two by fours. Tons of new match-types have been added like inferno match, demolition match, ring-out match and cage match. There is also last title’s free for all. These match types are all accessible in the battle mode. The crowd now can also get into the action by helping you.

They can hold opponent back while you deliver crushing blows to his head. This a great new feature that will certainly do the game a world of good or so we hope. There will also be brand new brutal BLAZIN(finisher)moves. Unlike last time around you will not be fighting in a ring instead in of many street like, urban areas. The environments are fully interactive. To give you an idea I’ll tell you a couple of these environments. You could be brawling in the middle of a parking lot or on a dark alleyway. You could throw your opponent on to the graffiti walls. The graphics have have been improved using a an excellent system. The lighting effects are going to be a big part of the game and it looks amazing. As you would guess this is not going to be a cartoony type, cel-shaded game. This is a hip-hop, street brawling all-out action game in the New York Underworld. The graphics are going to be dark and mysterious but that does not mean it is bad. The wrestler models are going to be crisp and the environments really will look like what they should. In modern gaming graphics play a big part in the overall score and this is not going to disappoint. I don’t even have to mention about sound as game speaks for itself. There are lots of different varieties of music from the different artists. The online play is not yet confirmed. It will mostly not be there and that is quite sad considering with online this could be the game of 2004. EA Big have scheduled this game for release, late September 2004 and this game will be out on Playstation 2, X-BOX and Gamecube.

I hope you have found my review helpful.

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Thank you for taking your time to read my review. I appreciate it.

Rating: 5 / 5

A year after the out-of-the-blue sucess of Def Jam Vendetta, EA Games releases, Def Jam Fight For NY, with similiar results. Def Jam Fight For NY is an excellent wrestling game with tons of replay value, and a cool hip-hop influenced storyline to boot.

Notice how I referred to the game as a “wrestling” game? Unlike the game suggests, Def Jam Fight For NY is predominantly a WRESTLING game. The fighting system is based upon performing grapples and simple strikes, and performing combos and special moves. With so many moves to choose from and unlock, the fighting system is suprisingly deep, but the fights get just a bit repetitive after a while.

Def Jam Fight For NY story mode begins when D-Mob is being taken away by the boys in blue, when suddenly, a mysterious car topples the police cruiser and allows D-Mob to escape. The driver of the mysterious car, as you soon learn, is you, and you then create the appearance of your character using a police composite sketch, a pretty clever way to create your character. D-Mob then asks you to join their force of fighters to try and take over the whole fighting circuit of the city.

There are over 40 Def Jam labelmates appearing as fighters in the game. Snoop Dogg, the Top Dogg (naturally) of the opposing gang, with Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe and many others on his side, while your crew consists of the likes of Method Man, Redman and a few others. As the story progresses and you win fights, you can earn cash to spend on new clothes for your character, supplied by urban name-brands like Sean John, State Property, Joker, Enyce, and Ecko to name a few, new hairstyles for you character, tattoos, shoes, and many other accessories for you character to rock, and of course, there are many others to unlock as you progress through the story.

The story mode is long and deep, with a compelling story complete with story twists, and takes a lengthy 8 hours of play to complete. Of course, once you beat the story mode, you’ll be coming back for more. As usual, there are many hip-hop tunes included in the game, courtesy of Def Jam of course, and multiplayer action is also included. Fans of wrestling, wrestling games, or hip-hop would find this game very appealing.
Rating: 5 / 5

I love fighting games, but I’m not as skilled with the more popular games, but I found Def Jam Fight for NY to be user friendly on the controls and to have a high level of entertainment factor to it. I was disappointed that the main character you create for yourself couldn’t be female, but I did enjoy dressing the guy up for new and different fights and making him ‘appeal’ to my taste. I guess that’s one of the differences for a female playing as opposed to a male, I was worried about how good he looked for each fight.

Anyway, I did beat the game and I really enjoyed the different scnenarios between the various rappers, etc…
Rating: 4 / 5

I really like this game. It’s extremely entertaining, but I found it extremely difficult. Does this mean you will? Not really, but I sucked at this game. I only write a review for a video game when I beat it, so obviously I did. But, in the beginning it was one of the hardest games I have ever played. First, you create a character which you will use for the rest of Story Mode. Then you begin to fight. You fight for money, respect, women, and to help the story progress. You can also earn Devolopment Points to make you tougher or give you better upper body power. Stuff like that. Then you can go to places to buy clothes, jewelry, get tattoos, and get a haircut. Turning the difficulty to easy is most likely a must and another thing that is really cool is you get to pick your girlfriend. Either,

Lil’ Kim or Carmen Electra which is really cool. Also, the last boss which is Crow (voiced by Snoop Dogg) isn’t even the hardest guy in the game. I personally found Xzibit to be quite difficult. The fighting styles and techniques and blazing moves were terrific. So, the fun ranks an A+ and it’s a terrific game, but if you have ahrd time beating hard games, this game is not for you.
Rating: 5 / 5

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