Fighting Masters

Posted by staff | Posted in Fighting | Posted on 07-09-2010


  • Climb into the interstellar ring! Go one on one with another player, or battle for the survival of your civilization!
  • 12 different Alien champions to select! From the snapping, tearing claws of Zygrunt to the bludgeoning ecto-clubs of Rotundo, each warrior has a deadly force all their own!
  • 65 devastating attacks! Zygrunt pounces on his prey with the Skull Splitter! Use Uppercut’s Shotgun Blow to pulverize your opponents! Jaws of Doom put a fearsome headlock on a foul, feathered foe!

Product Description
A Giant Red Sun will go Nova within hours…12 star systems will be destroyed…One contest will decide who, or what survives…… More >>

Fighting Masters

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