Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

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  • Over 20 deadly combatants to choose from, including 2 new characters
  • Refined fighting game system with 3 new gameplay systems
  • New sights and sounds
  • Multiple modes of mayhem

Product Description
The newest incarnation of the popular fighting game franchise Guilty Gear XX Accent Core returns with its trademark high-resolution graphics along with an entirely retuned fighting system new stages new characters graphics voices and the ability to create matches between old and new characters in the Generations Mode. New backgrounds character voices and an introductory animation have been added for a fresh Guilty Gear experience Hone your fighting skills in 5 diffe… More >>

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

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Guilty Gear has long been known as a deep, balanced fighter. Accent Core continues this tradition, and whilst some whiners may compare it unfavorably with one or two past games in the series, it’s still better than anything else out there!

If you’re not into 2D fighters, now is your chance! Buy this game, grab a friend, and go at it!

And if you are into fighters, well you already know Guilty Gear rocks.

Finally, some GOOD NEWS! All the bugs that plagued the Japanese console version are fixed! Here’s a list:

-Johnny’s jackhound return is now a force break ALWAYS

-Bridget’s j.5 yoyo set is now, uh, in the game

-Bridget’s Razor Roger force break no longer absorbs infinite hits

-Axl’s combos now work when they should

-Sol no longer has double “clean hits” sometimes

-Counterhit Gold Bursts now do the correct amount of damage
Rating: 5 / 5

Alright, this game is a modest update to Guilty Gear XX… this is not a dramatic update to the series, like some had wanted. Think of this game as a more balanced and more technical Guilty Gear XX… They’ve added Holy Order Sol(from Guilty Gear Slash) and A.B.A (from Guilty Gear Isuka), so technically they haven’t added anyone COMPLETELY NEW to this game. This is not a disappointment as the gameplay has gotten more and more fleshed out with the addition of Force Breaks (similar to EX moves in Street Fighter 3), Instant Block, tweaked moves for each character, etc.. This a very deep and technical fighting game that fighting game fans will enjoy and appreciate the most…
Rating: 4 / 5

Guilty Gear is 2d fighting at its best and most frustrating. As a button masher this game is ok, but you shouldn’t be buying it unless you are serious about learning how to play fighting games at a non-scrub level.

Each character is unique, the visuals are great and fun and the gameplay is fast paced. Watch some YT videos to get an idea of what high level play looks like. The combos are a joy to watch and pull off. Once you purchase you’ll want to visit for much needed supplemental info.

If you aren’t super familiar with thinking of fighters in terms of frames of invulnerability, mixups, frame advantage, etc. Do yourself a favor and buy a simpler 2d fighter like Capcom v SNK2 or a Street Fighter title and once you’ve mastered high level play pick up GG.
Rating: 3 / 5

i bought this game a second before they announced the “plus” version (which is the full version of the game) so i can’t say anything positive about this version. if it came out around this time the full version would be DLC
Rating: 2 / 5

Guilty Gear is one of the best 2d fighting games I have ever played hands down.
Rating: 5 / 5

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