Mortal Kombat Deception

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  • New features and game modes including interactive environments, death trap and free roaming Konquest mode
  • Multiple secret characters to unlock
  • Also has intense action board games — plus puzzle games with fatalities
  • 10 character Video BIOS

Product Description
Mortal Kombat: Deception pushes martial arts-style fighting to new heights. The game features an innovative fighting systems, returning and new characters and the deadliest combinations. Unparalleled violence and brutality as you face the deadliest martial arts battles you’ve ever seen!… More >>

Mortal Kombat Deception

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Mortal Kombat: Deception had been long-awaited by MK fans, after the surprising success of Deadly Alliance. However, you may realize within 5 minutes of playing the game that Deception is not really a new Mortal Kombat game, but actually a moderate update to Deadly Alliance.

The game picks up immediately where Deadly Alliance left off, with a shocking opening cinema revealing the death of Earthrealm’s heroes, and featuring the return of the dreaded ‘Dragon King’. With this powerful foe resurrected, unlikely allies join forces to battle him but are unsuccessful. With both Shang Tsung and Quan Chi apparently dead (for now…no one stays dead in Mortal Kombat for more than a game or two), the Dragon King is now free to rule the realm, but he would not have been able to accomplish this had he not deceived Shujinko, the game’s new main character, into resurrecting him in the first place.

The intro is exciting and very well done…compared to the laughable opening cinema of Deadly Alliance, Deception’s opening vid is gorgeous, with outstanding graphics, music and sound. It definitely hooks you and gets you wanting to play the game. So, what does the game itself have to offer?

Not much different than Deadly Alliance at all, MK:D features returning characters Sub-Zero and Scorpion(of course) alongside some of Mortal Kombat’s more obscure classic characters, namely the stars of Mortal Kombat 3. All of the classic characters of the previous game have been sacrificed in favor of these ‘one-game wonder’ classics, featuring fan-favorite Kabal, the enigmatic Noob Saibot, Sindel, Nightwolf, Jade and more. These characters return alongside a series of new characters, some of which are interesting, others which almost seem to be out of place with Mortal Kombat.

The fighting engine itself is virtually identical to Deadly Alliance, which may be considered a flaw by some, and a blessing by others. You can still change between 3 fighting styles on the fly, 2 martial art and 1 weapon. The same tricks apply, though some of the more unbalanced fighters have been tweaked, but unfortunately the tweaking has made some of them worse. Because of this distinct similarity, some returning characters from the previous game play identically to how they played in the previous game. For example, I was able to pick up the game and beat it with Sub-Zero in about 15 minutes in my first play through, as his move sets were nearly unchanged.

Gone from this game is the ‘impale’ manuever, which allowed for players to lose their weapon ability in favor of jamming it through the opponent so that the opponent will constantly lose health through the round. In its place is a very flawed, very easily abused ‘Breaker’ system which allows characters to automatically break out of any combo, instantly. This makes for very unrealistic and ridiculous gameplay. For example, an opponent being juggled in the air will suddenly drop to the ground on his/her feet and knock the opponent away, out of the combo. Thankfully, this easily abused system is limited to only three uses per fight, so it must be used wisely.

Contrary to what you may have heard, Mortal Kombat: Deception does not feature stage fatalities or pits. Instead, we get ‘Death Traps’ which are exaggerated, over-the-top ‘ring out’ conditions. So in other words, instead of falling off of an arena and seeing ’soandso wins’, you are treated to a gory death sequence from one of the arena’s grisly contraptions. Some arenas have more than 1 death trap. Others have no death trap at all. In any case, death traps do not end the fight…despite being chopped to bits in the first round, the second round will begin as if nothing happened, making the novelty of Death Traps wear off VERY quickly (I got bored of them within 2 days) and making the fights more ridiculous and unrealistic than ever before in this series. Thankfully, the invisible walls of Deadly Alliance are gone, and death traps can be disabled for a more fair fight (as death traps are easily abused).

Fatality fans were disappointed with the abysmal finishers in Deadly Alliance. Deception more than makes up for this with 2 fatalities per character and a new ‘hara kiri’ move, which is the famed ’suicide-ality’ that fans have been rumoring since the Mortal Kombat 2 days. Though Deadly Alliance featured probably the worst fatalities in the history of MK (Quan Chi comes to mind), Deception has some of the most gruesome, creative, and violent ones yet. However, many of them are still redundant and ridiculous, so don’t expect to like them all.

It seems the overall fighting engine and graphics were sacrificed in favor of MK’s 3 bonus games. One game is ‘Puzzle Kombat’, which is the Mortal Kombat take on the widely popular ‘Super Puzzle Fighter’ series from Capcom. The game is frustrating and unrewarding, but addicting if you get the hang of it. The other game is MK Chess, a very interesting take on the classic chess game that has you select fighters to be your specific piece classes. However, you cannot simply take a space from your opponent, you have to fight for it. It is a fun deviation from the normal game.

Last but not least is Konquest, which I thought was an excellent but poorly executed idea. You play as Shujinko from teenage years to adulthood, and the story leads you through how Onaga the Dragon King came to return. The game clearly tries to expand on the precedent set by Soul Blade/Soul Calibur series with the edge master mode, just on a much more grand scale. Unfortunately, all Konquest boils down to is mindless, repetetive fetch quests and ridiculously hard challenges that yield little reward.

Every MK fan has been waiting for the online component, and now you have it, though it is quite flawed. Cheat devices are easily implemented, and fights are often unbalanced, due to the gameplay issues with infinite combos and the like. However, facing total strangers is fun, and while its not quite like the old days I remember of jamming quarters into the Mortal Kombat 2 machine and beating opponent after opponent, it gets the job done. However, there are many players who simply abuse repetition, and server lag tends to favor such tactics, making the online component a real downer in the end.

Overall, Deception is a nice addition to the Mortal Kombat library, even though it is little more than Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and a 1/2. It sacrificed the previous game’s most popular characters in favor of bringing back half the MK3 cast, effectively making the game nothing more than a showcase for the one-game wonders. The game makes no remarkable improvements, and even steps backward on a few issues. However, Kombat fans will love the game and will love to see their old favorites return.

Bottomline, the game feels more like an expansion pack to Deadly Alliance rather than a new game in the series.
Rating: 3 / 5

and this is coming from someone who plays almost ONLY rpgs.

the first day i played the game, i only played konquest mode and the puzzle game. it’s so good, even the part of the game that isn’t really THE GAME is great.

konquest mode in this game is WAY different than it was in deadly alliance. it’s practically a VERY large game in itself…it even has storyline! i still haven’t completed it.. i think i have over 5 hours on it.

the puzzle game is wicked fun. in fact, it may even be more addicting than tetris.

the chess game is a bit difficult to keep up with…it’s not like regular chess. you actually have to fight a mortal kombat battle in order to take a piece. kind of confusing, but worth looking at anyway.

as for the actual game, it’s great as well. the interactive backgrounds are my favorite thing about it. there’s nothing more fun than knocking people into grinding blades, or knocking them off a REALLY high place…so they can fall on a sharp rock.

the kript is as annoying as usual, but it really makes you want to get koins, so you can get all the characters, and all that jazz.

as for everything else, graphics are great, pretty much the same as deadly alliance. gameplay is the same too, except in conquest mode. also, there’s no jabbing a weapon into someone…which i think was just fine to take out. sounds and music is improved.

i have a feeling this game will keep me occupied longer than most rpgs i play. that disturbes me and makes me very happy at the same time. i suggest gettin on the ball and pickin this up.
Rating: 5 / 5

All I can say, is this is the BEST MK game ever- even better than Armageddon. The konquest mode is so addicting- just buy it and you will be addicted to it.
Rating: 5 / 5

Based on the previous engine, with more enviroments, destructible stages, more stage specific fatalitys, tons of new fatalitys per character… you can even suicide now, before your opponent “finshes” you… looks great.

New characters, old characters, and a new story mode. The trailer is up, and this game looks great….
Rating: 5 / 5

I remember playing the first of these games when they were still new. It’s fun, and exciting. What I like about these games, is while there is fighting and the main purpose of the game is to inflict pain upon your opponent, you use fictional characters and you don’t kill just to kill. There is a storyline to it, which makes it better than a game where you just walk around and shoot random people. I’ve always loved this game. Very fun, and it can be stress relieving.
Rating: 5 / 5

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