PS3 Wireless Fighting Stick 3

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  • 2.4GHz wireless connection via USB receiver up to 30 ft range.
  • 8 button arcade style layout.
  • Comfortably spaced layout produces stable controls.
  • Up to 400 hours battery life.
  • Up to 7 devices can be used at one time (when using USB Hub).

Product Description
Officially licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The first wireless arcade stick controller in the market. Ideal for fighting games…. More >>

PS3 Wireless Fighting Stick 3

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You can get the SAME EXACT PRODUCT besides the top panel art & different colored buttons/joystick lever if you buy the Tekken 6 fight stick package. Lowest I’ve seen it on here is around seventy-five dollars shipped & you get a free game (Tekken 6)! Or you can get it on newegg DOT com for sixty shipped (just search for Tekken 6). For another twenty-thirty dollars, you’re much better off getting a quality joystick made by Hori (real arcade pro 3 series) or Madcatz (Tournament edition series) since they both use arcade parts (Sanwa/Seimitsu) as well as having a bigger top panel to lay your hands on in addition to being much heavier (5.5+ pounds). You can get the same quality (which isn’t say much) joystick for fifty-dollars if you don’t mind it not being wirelss by getting the Madcatz fightstick (easily replaceable for Sanwa/Seimitsu parts). This wireless joystick’s horrible b/c there’s way too much of a dead-zone (too much movement before it knows & triggers the direction you want to go) for the joystick lever & the buttons aren’t very responsive (have to push down even more so when compared to Sanwa/Seimitsu parts to get the button to react finally). Now, if you’ve never used a quality joystick with Sanwa or Seimitsu arcade buttons/lever then this joystick’s decent at best. This joystick’s way too light (1100 grams = 2.43 pounds) regardless if you use it in your lap or on a table (it’ll move around too much). It’s only saving grace is that it’s wireless (battery last a long time; up to 400 hours supposedly). Also, pretty lame to use a USB dongle (receiver connected to USB port on front of PS3) instead of bluetooth technology like Sony controllers although you can blame Sony for this. The only reason it’s not getting a lower score is b/c it’s the only wireless stick on the market that I know of.
Rating: 3 / 5

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