Soul Calibur 2

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  • 13 historic fighters
  • 7 exciting modes of play
  • Collect 200 different weapons
  • Battle your way up the ranks as you follow the fascinating storylines of each character

Product Description
The quest for the all-powerful sword known as Soul Edge continues in Soulcalibur 2, as old favorites and exciting new characters compete for the right to wield its power. Featuring seven game modes including Arcade, Time Attack, Survival Mode, Versus Mode, and Team Battle…. More >>

Soul Calibur 2

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Thsi game is totally awsome! I personally hate fighting games but this one changed all of that! With over 20 characters, multiple costumes, over 200 weapons and awsome graphics and sound, no wonder this game got the “best fighting game award!” Play it now! PS2 controller is the bomb, even better than the Gamecube and X-box ones! All of the characters have multiple attacks as well as individual skills.

The graphics are jaw dropping. I love them, they are flawless and don’t sketch or stop in any place. The movements are easy to see, and you won’t be overwhelmed by fast movement. The music is incredible, as well as character voices.

There are lots of unlockable things like weapons, modes, characters, and photo galleries. There is an endless list of things you can do here, as well as weapon master mode where you can go through hundreds of missions to fight. There are tons of missions like specific kill missions, last ??turns, kill multiple enemies, etc. Tons of possibilities!

I would highly recomend this game, I think its better than the others on Gamecude and X-box!
Rating: 5 / 5

Soul Calibur II is looking really amazing.Some people are even saying that it could be the best fighting game ever…And yeah,it might be because this is going to be a big improvement over the original popular Soul Calibur.The original Soul Calibur was released on Dreamcast and in the arcades.To tell you the truth,I have never played the original Soul Calibur,but people who have played it said it was one of the greatest fighting games of all time.

Soul Calibur II is a weapon based fighting game.The awesome weapons make it very unique and exciting.You should be able to unlock new weapons throughout the game.This is a 3D fighting game.Their are a few new charectors that weren’t in the original Soul Caliburm,too so that is nothing but good.

Soul Calibur II’s graphics look like some of the best PS2 has ever seen.Some of the levels have backgrounds that are based on real life locations in places of the world like Japan.The charectors have a good amount of detail,too.So this is also a very good looking game.

Each version of Soul Calibur II also has a exclusive charector to it.The PS2 version of Soul Calibur II has Heiachi from the Tekken games(The Xbox version has Spawn and the Gamecube version has Link from the Zelda games).Tekken fans might be happy that hes returning.

Expect alot from Soul Calibur II,and get it when it releases.Namco has made some of the best 3D fighters in the past,including Tekken,Soul Bade and the original Soul Calibur,so they can’t possibly mess this one up(since Soul Calibur II has recieved alot of possitive feedback and reviews from the Japan,where it was released earlier this year).This will be a must buy.
Rating: 5 / 5

I had never played the original Soulcalibur or even the PS1’s Soul Blade so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought it. But it was one of the best games I’ve ever played. I know that sounds like an overstatement but it’s a really good game. I was pretty new to the fighting genre when I got this, actually it was only my third fighting game. I had recently purchased

Tekken 4 and was a little dissapointed with it. So I got SC2. And I’m glad I did it’s probably the best fighting game I’ve played. Now I have quite a few fighting games but SC2 is still my favorite. The game’s major strength is the fast paced fighting. Wow is it fast I don’t want to make you think it’s Super Smash Bros. Melee fast but it’s fast compared to Tekken or Virtua Fighter. The only flaw with the gameplay that I’ve found is that sometimes charcters with long weapons such as Kilik can’t reach other fighters that they should be able to hit. Other than that the gameplay is flawless. The game has quite a few fighters compared to other fighting games. Audio wise the game is pretty good the characters mouths move with the words unlike other games *Cough* Tekken *Cough*. The music is decent but not very many fighting games have great music anyway. If you can’t stand annoying english voice overs you can switch to japanese. I haven’t found anything wrong with the english voice overs so far. The game is a little different than other fighters because in SC2 you fight with weapons. There’s quite a bit of different weapons to chose from. The only problem is you can’t switch the characters weapons from a sword to nunchucks which kind of upset me because I would like to see Nightmare fight with Talim’s little blades. The single player mode is quite fun for a fighting game. When you begin the game you pick a character to play the game with. You can switch to a different fighter when ever you want which was helpful in certain missions.

After you pick a fighter you go through a training area. In this game you don’t go from fight to fight it’s a little different. What you do is go from area to area and in each area there is a certain amount of missions. Some missions are just basic fights but others are more complicated like beating someone by only using wall combos. It doesn’t sound hard but it gets harder. There’s ten areas but there’s two or three bonus areas you can play optionally. It’s really fun. The story is pretty simple you are this fighter who hears about a sword called Soul Edge. So you decide to set out and find the sword. Pretty simple. The multiplayer is the best part of this game. It may be just pick a character and a weapon and then fight but it’s so addicting. I don’t know why. Overall this game is easily five star worthy so if you like fighting games or just games in general I recommend this game. You won’t regret spending $20 on it.
Rating: 5 / 5

This is, overall, one of the best games to come out in quite a while. In the fighting genre, this is almost the top of its class. In fact, I’m enjoying this game more right now than even the newer Mortal Kombat games. The characters are great, the backgrounds are absolutely beautiful, and the fighting styles are varied and entertaining.

This is definitely the next generation in fighting video games. It’s difficult for many of the newer games to handle the 3-D fighting, but Soul Caliber pulls it off flawlessly. It’s not really that gory for those who object, but is violent enough to keep anyone entertained for hours on end. I never played the original Soul Caliber, but I can definitely say that this is shaping up to be one of the best games yet on these newer systems (PS2, XBOX, and GameCube).
Rating: 5 / 5

This game is by far the best out there. You may buy/sell/trade your other fighting games over time, but this is certainly one that you should always keep! If you’ve never played it before, you must get it!
Rating: 5 / 5

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