UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship Tapout 2

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UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship Tapout 2

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Since Tapout 2 is the most recent MMA game for Xbox I broke down and bought it despite the negative reviews I have seen. Yes there are lot’s of flaws to this game, but to me, it isn’t that much of a big deal. The games has lot’s of UFC fighters (35 of them)and also has lot’s of other fighter’s from different organizations (Mirko Crocop for example. They spell it Marko Crocop. It looks like Mirko too!) The game has lot’s of moves and each fighter has their own type of fighting style. There are numerous types of game play such as tournament, Career, arcade mode, exhibition, and more. The flaws to this game are the graphics, and the quickness of the game. The graphics are terrible for being an xbox game. All the fighters seem to move the same thus they don’t seem authentic. The fights don’t last very long. I set the game for 1 five minute round. That is all I need. Also it’s nice for a fight to go to a decision once in a while. Overall the discount price on amazon is well worth it in my opinion. Well, if you are a hardcore Mixed Martial Arts Fanatic like I am then it is worth it.
Rating: 3 / 5

After playing Pride FC for my PS2, I was excited to play UFC Tapout 2 for my Xbox. For sure, it would be just as fluid and smooth as Pride FC, but with much better graphics. I was right about the graphics. The graphics are amazing at the least. The fighters cast shadows on each other, and the outlines of the fencing cascade over the fighters, as does the referee’s. But that’s pretty much it. The animation of the fighters is very stiff and choppy. While the skin textures and facial features of the fighters look realistic, their bodies seem to be just a little out of proportion. Vitor Belfort looks like a dwarf. The fighters move around in the octagon in an identical manner, and all their punches and kicks look the same. The game’s AI is horrendous, and you can beat just about every fighter in the exact same way. There is a new fighting position, which is the side amount, but it offers no advantage to either fighter, as they can both deliver equally devastating knees from the bottom or the top. There are hardly any moves or counters. Also, the create-a-fighter is a joke. You cannot customize the combos AT ALL, and you are only given a selection of heads and clothing that you cannot alter. You can’t change the skin tones or the hair style, which is the least any create-a-fighter system can do. Instead, you have maybe a hundred different faces that really all look the same; they just have different hair cuts and slightly different skin tones. For most arcade fans, this game will be satisfying enough because the graphics are just undeniably impressive. For most gamers who do not really understand the essence of mixed martial arts, this is a decent game. But for MMA purists like myself, this game is a huge disapointment.
Rating: 2 / 5

Release: 21/3/2002
Format: Microsoft Xbox
Genre: Real Fighting
Developer: Dream Factory
Publisher : Crave Entertainment
Number of Players: 1- 2 players
ESRB: Teen (Anticipated)

Ufc Tapout 2 is the best fighting game ever, and it is only on Xbox. It has a unique fighting style and is great. Its more of a Mortal Kombat fighting game than a wrestling game, and has a full UFC lisence with all the best fighters. It is just like the real thing, fighting in a cage (The Octogan) untill a fighter taps out or is knocked out. This is a great game for fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and has many playing modes. UFC Tapout 2 is the sequel to the award winning UFC Tapout, and Tapout 2 is much better than the first so you can bet its going to GREAT!

Here is a list of some of the features os the game:

The sequel to OXM’s Editor Choice Award, UFC: Tapout, developed exclusively for the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft.

A brand new, redesigned model and animation system will result in fighter models with more points of articulation, and movements will appear more fluid and life-like.

Real-time mesh deformation – when players move and flex their muscles, you’ll see the skin move and ripple with them.

Over 35 real UFC fighters, the most mixed martial arts brawlers in any UFC game to date, including UFC stalwarts Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, and B.J. Penn. Several new fighters, such as current UFC Middleweight Champion Murilo Bustamante will also be making their debut in UFC: Tapout 2

With improved AI, fighters will behave even closer to their real life counterparts, use more attack combos and grappling, use more counter and reverse moves, and be much more aggressive overall than in the previous version.

The fan favorite Tournament Mode returns in Tapout 2, where up to eight human and/or computer controlled fighters battle in an open weight free for all.

The Career Mode continues to expand, allowing players to create their own fighters from scratch, using a wide variety of body types, clothing, faces and hairstyles. Through training and sparring against computer-controlled opponents, players will develop an ever-increasing repertoire of moves and abilities.

An improved interface, enhanced sound, a new music soundtrack with a customizable play list and the ability to play ripped music from the Xbox hard drive

Rating: 5 / 5

This game looks great, but the gameplay (in my opion) could really use work. The matches are WAY to short. It’s a little too shallow for my blood. ButI don’t know you so rent it, cause YOU might like it.
Rating: 2 / 5

Quality and graphic’s are very much fair..

Fast shipping as well..i got this game in less than two weeks..usually i recieved my orders in about a month.lol
Rating: 4 / 5

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