UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship

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UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship

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I’ve been a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship since UFC III. Now, Years later and a short time to go until UFC XXVII, a UFC game finally comes out!! I’ve been dreaming of one for years, and now it’s actually here. UFC is without a doubt one of the best games to ever come out on the Dreamcast system. The game is exciting, fun, fast paced, and the graphics are phenominal! It’s a great game if your tired of the average fighting games like I am. The game is like a combination of a fighting game, a sports game like Knockout Kings and a wrestling game like Wrestlemania 2000. The great thing about the game is that you actually have to use some strategy in fighting. The game has a good amount of actual UFC veterans; such as, Maurice Smith, Frank Shamrock, Mark Coleman and others. The one thing I was disappointed on was that it didn’t have the vintage fighters; such as, Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott, Don Frye, Dan Severn, Joyce Gracie, Oleg Takatarov and so on. The game also has a create a player mode. The one thing I didn’t like about the mode is that when you pic a specific persons style, you have their face on your player. I didn’t care for that at all. The game has several modes, including a UFC mode where the fighters square off in a bracket tournament (classic UFC, the way it should be!!!). After purchasing a disappointing game like World Series 2K1, this game made me excited about the Dreamcast again!!
Rating: 5 / 5

I recently played the demo for this game that was offered through the official Dreamcast Magazine and I must say that I was very very impressed. Although there were only two playable characters they were displayed in the clearest most detailed fashion that I have ever seen in a fighter and it blows away the likes of Street Fighter and its many clones. What stands out about Ultimate Fighting is the realism. You wont see fireballs or characters executing triple half gainer flips 100 ft in the air and sticking the landing on their opponents head. What you will see though is fists and feet inflicting mind numbing punishment on the computer generated fighters (blood and sweat included). This game is vicious to say the least with some of the best fighting sound effects I have ever heard. They may not sound realistic but they definitely can emphasize the fact that someone has been given a one way ticket to whoopa**ville. The game is a lot more than just pushing the buttons as fast as possible to unleash the most # of punches and kicks within a designated time period. It involves strategy, knowing when or when not to attack, and when to hide in a corner and pray that your opponent leaves some of your teeth in your head. Although there is plenty of punching and kicking you can also make your opponent submit by manipulating his joints or choking the life out of him. My personal favorite move was to hop on my opponents back while he was on all fours and drop a few elbows on the back of his head till he forgot who his mama was. Good wholesome fun for the whole family. To sum it up this game is wicked, real, and a whole lot of fun, especially if you invite some of your acquaintances over whom you may not like to well and then beat them senseless through the magic of the dreamcast. I love technology!
Rating: 5 / 5

This is a MUST have for anyone with any interest in fighting games. I am an avid gamer and fan of the fighting genre (i have pretty much everything – from import tekken tag to marvel vs capcom 2), and I must say, in many ways Crave’s UFC actually surpasses them all.

The textures on this game are just amazing, and it is incredible how much these polygonal fighters resemble their real-life counterparts. In particular, the graphical detail is astounding, with authentic tatoos, facial and body hair, and even uniforms recreated perfectly.

The gameplay itself is excellent, with an ebb and flow, lock and escape, almost chess-like system of play that is true to the concepts of real submission fighting. Easy to get into for first timers, but with TONS of depth for those hardcore players who will take the time to master the game.

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this game, but seeing as how first rate the developers are (with previous developement experience in such games as tekken), I shouldn’t have been surprised. The only thing I could possibly suggest for them to do better is to make the create-a-fighter mode more in-depth with the next outing (so we can create some of our old favorites!). Nevertheless, a very minor quibble for a game that does just about everything else right.

A MUST HAVE purchase for the Dreamcast. I GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed.

-K. Sak
Rating: 5 / 5

I can’t stop playing this game. It is addictive, especially when playing with friends. I don’t know what some of these reviewers are talking about.

One of them complains that “the game would be better if the fights lasted longer than thirty seconds…” For anyone who watches UFC they would know that a lot of fights do last only thirty seconds…just yesterday I watched a bout where [this guy] took a guy to the ground and elbowed him in the head six or seven times. That bout was over in about 15 seconds. UFC isn’t trying to be Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. It’s focus is on realism, and if you drop someone on their head ten seconds into the fight it will knock them out. Besides, if you practice a lot and fight someone of equal skill it won’t be over in thirty seconds…not by a long shot.

Anyway, the graphics are spectacular and I liked how Crave didn’t skimp on the details. For example, the referee actually stays in the ring and is just as detailed as the fighters.

The control scheme is simple to memorize and the moves aren’t impossible to pull off like in many other fighting games. Their are counters and moves aplenty.

I enjoyed the carreer mode as well. It features fighters with tons of fighting styles that you can train and put up against your friends or the Computer. Crave made so that if you want good fighter you have to train train train, and it doesn’t happen in a day. Infact, I spent about two months leveling up my best fighter and now I dominate the Octagon. This is also realistic, UFC fighters go through a lot of training and conditioning in order to fight just one time.

This is a spectacular game… There is nothing more satisfying, for example, than beating Tito Ortiz for the gold title with a character that you created and trained…wow.
Rating: 5 / 5

UFC for Dreamcast turned out to be a pleasant surprise. After wrestling and fighting games seemed to explore every fantastic form of fighting imaginable, along comes UFC with the freshest take of them all–realism. This isn’t suplexes and piledrivers, or fireballs and fatalities, it’s hard low kicks, leverage maneuvers, and pure submission holds. The developers took special care to depict movement and effect as realistically as possible, and it shows. Not only that, but the game is beautiful. This is how a wrestling game should look (RAW is WAR for XBox actually will, but that’s a review for the future.) The crowd and ring is beautifully detailed, and the fighters look gritty and mean. Although the fights are often over in less than thirty seconds, it’s a credit to the game’s realism. You put a man in an armbar in real life, he’ll tap out, unlike the WWF, where it’s just another hold. This game tries to mimic real fighting. The weakest points are the one player mode. After a bunch of solo bouts, it gets repititious, and the create-a-fighter is, well, not that creative. But get a bunch of your friends together, and the game really opens up. Nothing like a UFC tourney in your living room to liven up the day. If you’re a big fighting game fan, pick this up (it’s cheap.) If not, give it a rent and decide if realism makes it more interesting.
Rating: 4 / 5

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