Nintendo DSi – 18 In 1 Starter Kit

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  • includes charging dock, carrying case, and a usb SD card reader
  • Compatible with Nintendo DSi only
  • 2 sets of screen protectors, carry all tote bag
  • 2 styluses, 3 game cases & wrist strap

Product Description
Includes Charging Dock, Carrying Case, USB SD Card Reader, Car Charger, Earbuds, Audio Splitter, 3 Screen Cleaners, 2 Sets of Screen Protectors, Carry All Tote Bag, 2 Styluses, 3 Game Cases & Wrist Strap…. More >>

Nintendo DSi – 18 In 1 Starter Kit

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Pro – 2 styli thingie (works)

– 1 car charger (works)

– 1 wrist strap (works)

– 3 game cases (works)

– 1 SD to USB card reader (works)

– 1 split audio jack (works)

– 1 set of ear buds (works)

– 1 baggie for it all (works)

– 1 charging stand (works)

So why all the pros and two stars? well here is why. got the item for some KEY things and others that were just handy.

– Screen protectors (only for upper screen unless you cut them yourself, in which case why did i just buy a kit at a local store)

– Case (fits the DS lite but not the DSi at all)

The case is the one that made me give this product such a low score. How can a company get the dimensions for the stand right but not the case? Be warned that if you buy this the inside is very small and pushes the L and R triggers inward in order to close the case. FYI the DSi is a little wider and longer but shorter when compared to the DS lite. I have had similar problems with other products that fail to notice a change in design that is simple enough to know, i would think. FAIL.

Rating: 2 / 5

When I got my DSi, this was the only kit available from I have to say, for the price I paid I am very disapointed. The main items in the kit are the zippered case, headphones, charger dock, and car charger. To bring the numbers up, they throw in a bunch of junk like: drawstring bag, 2 styli, screen protectors, 4 “cleaners”, headphone adapter (for dual headphones), wrist strap, came cases, second wrist strap with clip.

What I really wanted was the zippered case and the car charger. The case is OK, but nothing great. There are no straps to hold your DSi in – so if it comes open accidently your DSi will fall out. There are also no pockets of any kind for holding games in the case.

The car charger is OK too, but I was disapointed that it wasn’t a USB charger and a USB car adapter – not that the ad said it was, just that i would prefer that.

The screen wipes, or whatever they are called – just plain dumb and used to raise the numbers for the kit. Totally useless and cheap crap. Why would you ever need more than 1 anyway?

2 Styli – again, why?

Screen protectors – not really needed, but lots of people love to use these things. I guess some folks will get use out of them. I didn’t.

Wrist strap for DSi – I actuallylike this item. It makes me feel safer knowing if I drop my DSi (with the strap on my wrist) I will find it dangling and not on the ground in peices.

Game cases – seem decent, but I like to keep my current games in one of those hard wallets that holds 6 games.

Drawstring bag – useful for putting all the extra junk in and tossing a box.

USB SD card reader – I suppose this could be handy for most people, but I use SD+USB from Sandisk, so not needed.

Charging Dock – you have to use your own DSi charger for this to work or use the car charger. Seems to be of good construction, but I have not used it yet. it will be worthless once i get a skin case.

I hope others looking at this will find the info useful. [....]
Rating: 2 / 5

I purchased this for my son. It matches his DSi and looks great! The quality is very good as well. The case is a semi-hard so it protects the DSi well, although to use the DSi you need to remove it from the case. One complaint I do have however, is the light on the charger is incrediably bright. Do not put this in a room where a child sleeps or they will stay up all night. Other than that a great kit!
Rating: 4 / 5

Ok I am always picking up junk that has fallen on the floor and you dont really need to toss in the trash bin. This group of DSI Starter Kit is just that. The case is ok. The rest is junk. I had to have it. Now I wonder why. If I just bought a case to fit the DSI that would have been really all i needed.
Rating: 2 / 5

The junk in this kit looks like it came from a 99-cent store.

The case has no pockets to hold game cards or other items, nor does it have any straps to hold the DSi unit in the case. Game cards do not fit properly in the little holders, and the rest of the stuff in the kit, other than possibly the charger and SD reader, is simply useless.

Do not buy this kit, it is worth about $3.00. If you need a case, buy one for a buck at a 99 cent store. If you feel you need the charger or SD Reader, buy them separately for a couple of bucks.

Rating: 1 / 5

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