Nintendo DSi XL 20 in 1 Starter Kit – Burgundy

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  • Charging Dock, Carrying Case, USB SD Card Reader, and Car Charger
  • Earbuds, Audio Splitter, 3 Screen Cleaners, and Carry-all Tote Bag
  • 2 Small Precision Styluses, 1 Large Precision Stylus, and 2 Sets of Screen Protectors,
  • 3 Game Cases and 2 Wrist Straps

Product Description
The DSi XL Starter Kit provides 20 ways to kick your gaming experience up to the next level. It includes a Charging Dock, Carrying Case, USB SD Card Reader, Car Charger, Earbuds, Audio Splitter, 3 Screen Cleaners, Carry-all Tote Bag, 2 Small Precision Styluses, 1 Large Precision Stylus, 2 Sets of Screen Protectors, 3 Game Cases & 2 Wrist Straps…. More >>

Nintendo DSi XL 20 in 1 Starter Kit – Burgundy

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I just bought my DSiXl and had also bought a carrying case/car charger combo pack for $20.00 along with it at Gamestop. Unfortunately, my dog, Remy chewed up the carrying case, large stylus, and the one game contained within it while I was asleep a few days back. (Thankfully, he didn’t get the DSi Xl) In searching for a replacement I came across this product on Amazon and I must say it is really quite a deal. I’ll just do a quick run through of the items you will receive:

1. The protective case: It’s not made of a hard plastic. I’m not sure if it is actully plastic, but it is sturdy. It is also flexible so while it would definitely protect your DSi XL from drops I’m not sure how well it would do if you dropped something heavy on the case itself or say stepped on it or something. The case’s hinge is a piece of thick, sturdy fabric that runs along the entire back edge. The case also has two zippers. When you open it up, in the top part there is a holder for the big stylus and below that (still in the top part) are three sewn in netted areas to hold your games. There are also three little hard game cases for your DSiXL games that are included and they fit right in the netting. My only issue here, and it’s a minor one, is that the stylus holder is so close to the top edge of where the games sit that in order to remove the little cases have to use your thumb and forefinger and pinch each case by its top corners to slide them out. This is not a deal breaker just a little inconvenient. If you have big fingers though it might be more of a pain. The bottom part of the case has two sewn in elastic strips that you slide the entire DSi XL under. So this case will not allow for you to play the DSi XL while it is inside it. Unless you cut out the elastic straps, but then I don’t think the console would be as secure inside the case as a result. Getting the DSi XL in and out of the case however, is very smooth and it sits snugly in the case when it’s all zipped up.

Also included with the case is a nifty Carabiner hook so you can just attach it securely your belt loop if you are on the go. If you don’t like the hook, they’ve included two standard wrist bands.

There’s also fabric tote bag with a draw string that easily fits the entire DS and hard case with no problems.

2. The charging dock is awesome. Plug your power cord into the wall and the other end into the dock. The DSi XL then is seated vertically (lengthwise) in the dock. The dock is not super heavy but once the DSi XL is seated in it it’s heavy enough to not slide around. The dock also emits a cool blue light (bright enough to light up part of the ceiling in my bedroom) from it’s base when it’s plugged in. The DSi XL covers most of the light though once it’s seated in so you should be able to keep this on your nightstand with no problems.

3. The USB SD card reader is another bonus. Now you can transfer photos from you DSi XL to PC with ease.

4. The car charger seems sturdy and the cord is over five feet in length.

Everything else is pretty self explanatory; the ear buds, audio splitter, screen protectors, cleaning cloth, large stylus, and two small styluses.

I am very pleased with this kit and have decided that calling it a “starter kit” is a bit of an understatement as it has everything you need and more for a really nice price. I was a little worried the kit was going to be cheaply made because of the price but that has not been the case. I bought one of these kits for my brother and he was also very impressed with everything it contained.

I highly recommend this product.

**I’ve added some photos and I apologize ahead of time for the quality, they were taken with my IPhone and I’m definitely not a photographer.

***Addition. About the screen protectors I haven’t used them yet, but my brother did and he offered the following: There are four protectors total. He messed up the first one because there was a speck of dirt on the top screen when he put it down. But the next two he got right and he said that they look perfectly fine and do not interfere with the functions at all. Basically they each have three layers; you peel off the bottom and that reveals the sticky side that is going to go face down, then line it up carefully. He suggested to slowly roll the protector down (like a carpet or a lasanga noodle if that makes sense) rather than laying it flat because it’s a better way to avoid bubbles. Once it’s in place you peel off the back layer and it’s on. Once he got them on he was very pleased with how they looked.

Rating: 5 / 5

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