Official Nintendo Wii Wireless Ultra Sensor Bar with Extended Play Range

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  • Wireless replacement sensor bar with extended play range provides
  • Adjustable distance settings for large or small rooms
  • Automatic shut-off feature (1 hour and 2 hour options) extends battery life
  • Low battery indicator light alert – no more unexpectedly dead batteries (uses 4 AA batteries – not included)
  • Officially Licensed by Nintendo. 100% Authentic POWER A Product

Product Description
Go wireless and extend your play range with the Wireless Wii Ultra Sensor Bar! The sleek, minimalistic design looks great in any room and eliminates the need to find an extra wall outlet. The sensor bar features adjustable settings for room size, providing superior performance in larger rooms where players are farther away. A convenient automatic shut-off mechanism conserves battery life and a handy indicator light alerts you to low battery status. As an Officiall… More >>

Official Nintendo Wii Wireless Ultra Sensor Bar with Extended Play Range

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Works like a charm! I have a 10′ theater screen and had problems with the Wiimote not ‘matching’ the icon on the screen because the screen is too big and sensor bar is too small. I tried the corded bar and another wireless bar as well as playing with positions and sensitivity never finding a sweet spot where the WiiMote worked reasonably well. I purchased this one because it advertised the large-screen support. While it still doesn’t exactly match the screen, this bar does a MUCH better job when set to ‘Wide’. It also provids extended range which was a problem with the other bars because players have to stand a ways back from the screen.

I had no problems with the batteries or anything like that and the indicator light is easily visible. I also appreciate the built-in timer. I thought only a 1 hr or 2 hr choice would be limiting but it hasn’t been a problem at all. I set the bar to 2 hrs and start playing. We usually have something better to do before we hit the 2 hrs and the bar turns off.
Rating: 4 / 5

Product works to extend range but very poor design. I have had it for 1 week already through a set of batteries (maybe 6 hrs most of play time) Went to change the batteries and as mentioned in other reviews battery cover is hard to get off, but that is not the worst of things. As soon as I pulled out the battery one of the metal contacts broke off making it useless. I’ll be returning it to the store today

Rating: 1 / 5

The Good.

The sensor bar works really good for big screens, much more sensitivity than other bars at long distances. The low battery indicator is great.

The Bad.

The unit will suddenly shut off after one or two hours, with no warning, right in time for some monster to kill you and end the game.

The Ugly.

The battery contacts break very easily. There are separate slots for each battery and they are all to small to put a battery in easily. The cover for the batteries is way to big, it’s impossible to take off without bending it. There are three tabs you have to release, and you need three hands to do it.

If you want a wireless sensor bar, get this one; Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar for Wii. It’s not as sensitive at long range, and there is no low battery indicator, but it won’t break the first time you change the batteries, and it will beep for five minutes so you have time to push the button for another 2 hours of play time, or you can just set it to stay on until you turn it off.
Rating: 1 / 5

The package on this sensor bar is not deceiving at all! The bar is the same size as the box! Compared to other wireless sensor bars, this bar is sturdy, well built and is almost the length of my tv. The range of the sensor has a standard to wide setting, so my kids can play by themselves or literally be on opposite sides of the room and not run the risk of arms and remotes crashing into each other. It has a fabulous look that fits right in with the modernized and clean look of the new gaming systems. It also has an automatic turn off switch which is fantastic and it saves battery life. One of my favorite features is the battery compartment. It still takes the same amount of batteries as the others, however, each battery has it’s own compartment rather than fussing with sliding in batteries and dealing with the frustration as one slides out of place and into the wrong spots. The only drawback to the battery pack is that the batteries are a little difficult to get out. Unfortunately, as with all wireless technology, the batteries are going to need to be changed quite frequently and I had to place something in to pry the battery out. I worry that may compromise the quality of the fit of the battery eventually, I am pretty sure if I am careful it will be just fine. Overall, great buy and a good choice.

Rating: 4 / 5

I have had this product two days and I am returning it for a refund so I can purchase a wired sensor bar for less than half the price. The product works great, looks very cool, and does exactly what the box says it will. Regrettably, the battery life on this product is so poor, it’s simply not worth owning. Further, as you will be changing batteries often, you will find that getting the batteries out is an enormous hassle. All it would take is for Nintendo to install small pieces of fabric or ribbon to assist in pulling the batteries out. That is, after Nintendo can get more battery life out of this piece of pretty junk.
Rating: 1 / 5

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