PSP UMD Soft Case – Colors May Vary

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  • Stylich Transportation, hold up to 8 UMD disks
  • An additional exterior zippered pocket for holding incidentals
  • UMD’s not included
  • Compatible with PSP and PSP 2000

Product Description
Transport your PSP 2000 and PSP UMD games in style in these durable cloth soft cases. The zippered case features four (4) sleeves to keep up to eight (8) UMD disks dust free and organized. The metal, easy-glide belt clip system can be attached to your belt loop, purse, sports bag and more…. More >>

PSP UMD Soft Case – Colors May Vary

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There are two glaring differences between the PSP UMD soft case by Intec and the official Sony brand. Intec’s soft case is well…soft while Sony’s case is made of hard plastic. The other difference is price of course.

This UMD soft case acts more like a traditional CD/DVD wallet offering plastic sleeve inserts which you can easily slide your UMD’s into. The draw backs to many UMD cases currently on the market is that they hold hold so few UMD’s for the price the consumer has to pay. And this particular soft case is no exception to that rule…holding up to 8 UMD’s. This matches the number of UMD discs the official brand can hold but at a reduced price. Now you can argue that this might be because Sony wants you to pay more for their name brand. Sony want’s around 3 dollars more than the soft case by Intec (as of now). But then you have to factor in the idea that their cases are made of hardened plastic which is more durable and thus, offers better over all protection. The trade off for three extra bucks is fair enough. If you want to try to be a little more compact so as to squeeze as much PSP content into one bag or system travel case, I believe the soft case variety to be the better option.

The decision is purely aesthetic here. It’s more about asking yourself if you would like maximum protection offered by Sony’s brand, or optimal traveling convenience offered by Intec. Both are good enough to serve either purpose however.
Rating: 4 / 5

This product is a must-have for PSP users. Especially those who swap between games, or have a lot of UMD movies.

I use my PSP also as a DVD player with the composite outputs.

Traveling with the PSP is a breeze, but have found a lack of UMD/game cases. And those that are out there resemble 70’s-era espionage cases minus the usual double-handcuff accessory.

This case is pocket-sized, holds 8 games or UMD movies; more than enough to keep you entertained throughout trans-continental flights or hours in a boring hotel room.

The case is well-designed with great padding and holds the UMDs securely, no more “dropping” 5 games in the quest for crisis core.

I plan to order a couple more of these wallets and keep them ready-to go with my movie UMDs; just grab and go.

The composite output is great and turns the PSP into a tiny-portable DVD with all the quality of a massive unit. Dust off your UMDs and take them on the road with pocket-size convenience.
Rating: 4 / 5

As the name indicates, this is a SOFT case – it offers very little protection but it’s a convenient way to store up to 8 UMD’s even though a little bit of squeezing may be needed to accomplish such a feat. 6 UMD’s will fit comfortably though.

The zippered case comes with an exterior zippered pocket that can be used to store headphones. The included belt clip allows for some creative ways of carrying it.

It’s overall a good product but one star goes off for the quality of the 4 sleeves which does not inspire complete confidence in their durability.
Rating: 4 / 5

As title says, from the outside, look and quality seems to be very fine, however once you look inside, you will immediately realize that it’s cheapest material.

It’s hard to stick UMD in, not comfortable to pop it out.

There seems to be some pieces of the material that got loose and can also get inside the UMD.

Each time I take the disk out, I need to examine if nothig left under the plastic UMD case.
Rating: 3 / 5

This is a good little case for storing PSP games. I like it better than the hard cases, which weigh more and take up more space overall, IMO. My son now has two of these cases.
Rating: 4 / 5

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