Xbox 360 Color Accessory PkR English/French/Spanish Hardware Silver

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  • 2.4GHz wireless technology with 30-foot range
  • Use up to four controllers simultaneously on one console
  • Integrated headset port for Xbox LIVE play
  • Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life
  • New left and right shoulder buttons are designed for ease of use

Product Description
Customize your control. With a D-pad that transforms from a plus to a disc, the new Wireless Controller provides ultimate precision, accuracy and control for both directional as well as sweeping movements. This distinctively-designed controller features a special edition matte silver color with a unique and premium button design, and comes complete with a Play and Charge kit to keep the game going strong…. More >>

Xbox 360 Color Accessory PkR English/French/Spanish Hardware Silver

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Whenever anyone comes over to play, this is perfect. Give him the pink controller, and don’t let him forget who’s in charge.
Rating: 5 / 5

If you’ve got an XBox 360, you really need to get your hand on one or two wireless controllers. These controllers are GREAT for keeping your gaming area free of clutter. To start with, the controller is much smaller than the standard XBox controller was.

For control items, you start with the standard blue X, yellow Y, red B and green A buttons. There are two thumbsticks, one on the upper left and one in the center right. There is also a directional (d-pad) in the lower left.

Next, you have a pair of shoulder buttons at the “top” of the unit, up above the other buttons. You also have a pair of triggers below those shoulder buttons.

Finally, you have a center X button that can be used to turn the console on and off, plus a “start” and “back” tiny white buttons on either side of it.

The unit has a rechargeable battery unit inside it, the size of two AA batteries. You have to buy a recharger set SEPARATELY that lets you charge up while you play. In essence you plug the charger into the back of the controller – and the other end into the USB port in the front of the XBox 360 unit. So you play with the controller “wired” as it charges up. When it’s fully charged again, you just pop off the wire and keep playing.

The range of the wireless unit is 30′, which is probably much further than anybody is really going to even try playing a game at. The wireless is much easier on your hand – no cable holding you down – plus it’s a great help in keeping your gaming area organized. You can easily pass the controller from person to person, and visitors can come and go without tripping over wires.

The documentation says you can get 40 hours of gameplay between charges, but if you have features such as vibration on, that sucks the time down to maybe 8-10 hours. It’s up to you of course – I personally like having vibration on because it is often important for gameplay to get those warning signals.

Still, even if I have to plug the cables in every 10 hours or so to give it a juice boost, I still love wireless!! Highly recommended.
Rating: 5 / 5

Ok, so this is basically just the white controller painted black. To be honest, the white controllers don’t look too bad, its the white console that looks terrible. But that is my opinion. On to the facts. The black controller is almost exactly the same, but part of the grip is more “matte” than the white one. The white controller always makes me sweat for some reason because it is too smooth. These look great however. The colors are well matched even though it may not look like it in the pictures. I’d definitely recommend picking these up if you have an elite, or if you have core/premium and you want the black ones so the grime doesn’t show as much, I’d highly recommend these.
Rating: 5 / 5

I’ve gamed with almost every gamepad imaginable and never before have I used a controller that is so comfortable and easy to use. The Xbox 360 wireless controller is near flawless. Everything from its button layout to its build quality to its comfort level; it’s all just perfect.

Never before have my hands wrapped around a controller so naturally. Typically with a controller, you have to make your hands form to the controller in order to access all of the buttons, typically resulting in fingers getting jammed into each other uncomfortably or strecthed out across the controller awkwardly. With the 360 controller, my hands just mold into every angle of the design and my fingers effortlessly wrap around the controller’s button layout.

The button layout is as follows: Two analog sticks, D-Pad, four face buttons, two triggers, two shoulder buttons, start & back buttons, and the Xbox Guide Button. I’d give the layout and button design a 10/10. Everything is accessible without having to move your hands from the controller and everything has a solid, durable design. The triggers are smooth and glide with the motion of your fingers and are truly perfect. The shoulder buttons work just fine and are easily accessible (these are where the black and white buttons the from Xbox controller S went). The face buttons have great spring to them and don’t feel mushy like the Playstation controller. The analog sticks are an 11/10. Compared to the PS controller in which you jam your fingers into each other and trying to correct out the play in the analog sticks, the 360’s sticks are awesome; firm, precise, smooth gliding, and simply perfect. The D-Pad is unchanged from the Xbox controller, which wasn’t good to begin with. It works and get the job done, but it could be better. The start and back buttons have moved to the middle of the controller and are better off in the center. And last but not least, the Xbox guide button (which needs a paragraph of its own).

The Xbox guide button is a feature that is running 24/7 and is implemented straight into the 360 architecture and games. Even in the middle of a game, you can hit the Xbox guide button and access everything from your gamerscore, friend’s lists, messages, music, achievements, game invites, etc. It can even take you back to the dashboard without even having to restart the console or remove the disc. When you’re done with the dashboard, you just fire the game back up with even leaving the couch. When you want to turn off individual controllers or even turn off the console, simply hit the guide button. Want to turn on the console? Just hit the guide button. It’s easily the best feature of the controller.

Wireless technology = 10/10 Seamless integration with the console and an incredible stable connection with the console, even through walls, doors, etc; it’ll even stay connected through different stories of a house. In over a year’s time with the 360 wireless controller, I have NEVER lost my connection with the console. That’s right, never. No interference with my wireless network, 2.4 ghz cordless phones, nothing. It is incredible how seamless it is. To connect a controller to a console, turn it on, press the link button on the controller and then the connect button on the console and almost magically, your controller is hooked right up and playing. And once your controller is connected to your console, you never have to link them together again; the next time you turn on your 360, the controller is automatically synched with the 360. If you want to add controllers to your 360, you simply synch them together with the same method that I just mentioned. Want to use your controller on a different 360? Simply synch them together and you’re playing. The wireless technology with the 360 and its seamless integration is top-notch. Simply the fact that I will never have to deal with cords again makes the wireless controller more than worth the extra money. But with wireless, you have the issue with charging and batteries…

I average about 25 hours per charge with my controller, although intense vibration feedback in games can drop that number down to about 20 hours. I get plenty of charge to last me through a week or two and when I run out of juice, I simply switch out my battery pack with the fresh pack sitting on my quick charge kit. The biggest problem with the wireless controller is the fact that you are literally forced into buying the rechargeable battery pack with the Play & Charge kit or the Quick Charge kit. It’s not that big of a deal, but if you think you can get away with AA batteries, this controller will eat them for lunch, especially with rumble. Speaking of rumble, the motors in the 360 controller pack quite a punch and you’ll end up paying more in batteries than the mere rechargeable pack costs. Everything from the roar of a machine gun to the light vibration of deflecting a pass to the jolt of a hard impact, everything on-screen is brought to life in your hands with this controller. And no, this isn’t the same rumble like the PS2 or Xbox controller. The 360’s rumble is more seamlessly integrated into games and serves a much more useful purpose in immersing you within the experience and can create all kinds of varied feedback effects like never before. I’d take this over six degrees of tilt any day.

Overall, this controller is near flawless and hands down the best I have ever used. Comfort, wireless precision, durability; this controller packs it all into one sleek little controller.
Rating: 5 / 5

If you’ve got an Xbox 360, you need controllers. This covenant model if pefect for Halo fans of all ages. Todd McFarlane did the artwork for this controller. The picture won’t soon rub off onto your hands, and it’s a great conversation piece amongst your plain colored controllers.

The layout of the buttons on the Xbox 360 is amazing. It’s perfect for many of the games that are on the 360. The rumble is effective, and the wireless capacity is wonderful.

The only beef I have, is that I’ve had two controllers that become loose on the left analog stick, and they began to drag the cursor when not touched. The Xbox Warranty I had from the console replaced them free of charge. Luckily I had extra controllers to get me by in the week it took to replace it.

When matched with the rechargable battery pack, they give you lots of gaming time between charges.
Rating: 5 / 5

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