Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition

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  • All-new “Disney” DDR game hits the PlayStation2
  • Featuring music and characters from some of Disney Channel’s biggest sensations such as High School Musical, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That’s So Raven, Cheetah Girls, Kim Possible & more
  • Multiple difficulty levels so everyone can get out there and dance
  • 40 songs including other popular hits

Product Description
The magical world of Disney hits the dancefloor with an entirely new DanceDanceRevolution game on the PS2. Leveraging some of the hottest and most popular shows and characters from the Disney Channel Network, DDR Disney Channel combines the mega popular DDR dancing phenomenon with content that is cool and relevant with today’s youth…. More >>

Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition

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I wasn’t expecting much when I picked up DDR Disney Channel Mix. The song list is below. As you can see, nothing is extremely exciting; however, this game is a change of pace from the songlists of Supernova and Supernova 2 on PS2. The songs are quirky/silly/low in production value, but that gives the game its charm. It’s time to just have fun and be silly. There are also some new DDR songs on here as well as some old favorites. Don’t expect easier difficulty because it’s Disney Channel Mix. It is(or is very close to) the difficulty levels of your standard DDR game. The timing “feels” a bit off in this game, leading to a less than stellar playing experience.

[edit] Hannah Montana

Nobody’s Perfect

The Best of Both Worlds

This Is The Life

Who Said

[edit] High School Musical

Bop To The Top

Get’cha Head in the Game

I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

We’re All in This Together

[edit] Jump In

It’s My Turn Now

It’s On

Jump To The Rhythm

Push It To The Limit


[edit] Kim Possible

Kim Possible Theme Song

[edit] That’s So Raven

That’s So Raven Theme Song

[edit] The Cheetah Girls

Cheetah Sisters

Girl Power

Step Up

The Party’s Just Begun

[edit] The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Suite Life Theme Song

[edit] The Konami Songlist

Songs from Konami’s music library that are also included in the game.


Baile La Samba / Big Idea

Bongo! / Wavegroup feat. Scott D.

CANDY / Luv unlimited

Dança de Yuka / Big Idea



La Cucaracha / Big Idea

Monkey Punk / Big Idea

My Only Shining Star / NAOKI feat. Becky Lucinda



Rock-a-billy Willy / Big Idea

Sockem / Steve Porter

Sweet Sweet Magic / jun

There 4 you / Thuggie D.

TOE JAM / Big Idea

The good: Unique songlist

A few cool new Konami songs and some old favorites included

Interface and Graphics

Disney themed (how fun is that?)

Easy to unlock songs – just play the game!!

The bad: Dancing characters in background can’t dance very well and

sometimes dance off of the screen for awhile

Disney songs are all cover songs – quality is very low!

Only 40 songs compared to 70 or more in other recent DDR versions

Missing out on so many other great Disney tunes

The timing of the steps “seems” off

Rating: 1 / 5

My husband and I just purchased the Disney Dance Revolution mat and game a few days ago. We bought it with the intention that it would be fun for our daughters who are ten and eleven years old. They absolutely love it! What we did’nt expect, however, was that my husband and I would like it so much, too!! The music is really catchy and cute, and the dances are challenging but not too much so… While it is a little too difficult for our youngest daughter ( age 5 ) to beat the opponent in a “dance-off” she does not really realize she has not won because we are all cheering her on so loudly as she wiggles and shakes to some of her and her sister’s favorite Disney songs. The whole family really enjoys taking turns using the dance mat and we look forward to purchasing another so we can dance side by side. The girls have a lot of giggles at how silly mom and dad look dancing to the Cheetah Girls and High School Musical songs and my husband is fast becoming a Dance Revolution expert(who knew?). Although we do not own the other Dance Revolution games our ten year old says she prefers the Disney version we have to the other types (which she has used at a friend’s house) especially because she says the other mats have, in her words, “weird songs” . I’m guessing that would be those “weird songs” from former decades like the 70’s,80’s and 90’s. Actually, I have to agree with her. These are pretty cool songs that are great to dance to. So, if you like Disney music and want something that really is a blast for the whole family, we definatly recommend this product!!
Rating: 5 / 5

The good:

Fun, catchy songs that I immediately enjoyed playing.

Easy unlock process – you just play in free play mode to unlock songs

The bad:

Game level is a bit easier than other DDR games – I usually play standard to heavy in DDR, and with this game, I have passed every song on heavy/ expert on my first try. They were complicated enough to hold my interest, but I don’t feel at all challenged here.

Only about half as many songs as a normal DDR game, graphics are clunky

The dancers, as always in DDR (I just turn them off)

For the price I found it a worthy buy – as a regular player I get bored of the same songs all the time, and so any new game that helps me mix up my workout is much appreciated. But it certainly isn’t up to par with the other DDR games, much as I am enjoying playing it.

However, I could see new DDR players really enjoying this, because the music is catchy and accessible and the steps aren’t too hard.

If you are a regular player, know that this is a fun diversion that you will enjoy for a good while, but isn’t going to become your challenging new favorite.
Rating: 4 / 5

I’m SO happy i didn’t splurge for the combo set (mat & game) b/c this game is/was VERY disappointing. I own 3 other DDR games for PS2 & PSone, and had high expectations for this game, apparently TOO high of expectations. The gameplay is like all the other DDR games, except it it TOO easy, and not challenging at all. I guess i should’ve expected this, being a kids game and all, but was expecting the standard DDR level of challenges even on the advanced levels.

BE CAUTIOUS: If you are purchasing this for a child, or tween, be careful because the songs are NOT the originals as sung by the stars shown on the cover art. They ARE the songs that WERE sung by the stars but they are covers by sub-par karaoke type singers, so if the kid is expecting to hear Miley/Hannah, the high school musical gang or even the cheetah girls singing the songs, they are in for a let down. But i’m sure the younger kids might not really pick up on this.

Before i played this game i was excited to be able to dance along to these great songs that have helped the disney channel become the #1 cable channel (2007), and that i have come to know and love, just like so many other kids around the country and the world for that matter, but was truly let down that it’s not the original stars singing, and was letdown again by how paltry & non-challenging the gameplay is. To newcomers in the DDR world this may probably be a good game to start off with before branching off into the other DDR games offered for the various gaming systems, but for the frequent/die-hard DDR gamers, this is NOT the game for you.
Rating: 2 / 5

Before Anyone Attacks Me I Am A Fan Of The DDR Series. I Have Been Since I First Played Supernova 1 In The Arcades.

However. While I Am A Fan Of DDR In General…..Im Not A Fan Of This Version.

This Was The First Version Of DDR I Bought For The Homes. And Im Glad I Sold It. On With The Review!!

Graphics:The graphics of a DDR game Never Try To Impress You. But They Do Look Nice. However I Feel This One Is A Bit Weak Compared To Other DDR Games graphics.

Character Models Just Look Generic 3d While In Older Games They Had A Nice CellShaded Look To Them. The Background videos are nice but are mostly a bunch of pictures moving unlike Older DDR Games. For This One I Will Be Fair And Give It A 7.1 Out Of 10.

Gameplay: for me the dance dance revolution series always packs a Good Punch Of Fun Gaming. however this version (Again)is still a bit weak compared to others. Songs Are More Slow Paced And Less Exciting Than I Would Like To Be. And It Makes For A Weak DDR. Also For The Fact That It Wasnt Made By Bemani. Instead Some Other Development Team. So Maybe Thats Why. 5.7/10

Songs(Disney):I Feel That The Disney And Konami Original Songs Should Have There Own Place So First I Will Talk About the disney channel songs. I Am not the biggest hannah montanna fan. infact i hate disney channel. I Liked the old idea of the old (Yet Decent) DDR Disney Mix For Ps1 Where You Where Jamming Along With Mickey Mouse And Friends. i am not fond of dancing along with the cheeta girls though. the songs are even worse than they should be cause there really bad covers. which make the old songs look like great legendary songs. 1.5/10

Songs(Konami Original):I Am A fan of alot of konami original songs. im not too big on the konami original songs they put in here though. there was a hidden song in the game which was cutie chaser morning mix. i liked that song. but you cant play it in the game. and all there is is an unused video that you have to get off the internet. instead they gave us really weak songs such as…bongo. monkey punk . rocka billy willy (my least favorite). and only gave us a few decent songs such as my only shining star and paranoia max dirty mix. and for some reason replaced the banners on all the songs to look more generic. and even changed paranoia maxs name to PN Max. 1.8/10

OverAll:dance dance revolution is a great game series. but this game is just a worthless spinoff put in bargin bins. so overall i give it a 3.1/10. its nothing special.
Rating: 2 / 5

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