Dance Factory Game & Mat Bundle

Posted by staff | Posted in Music and Dancing | Posted on 26-02-2011


  • Generates dance moves from ANY music CD.
  • Play any music from the most current dance anthems to guitar rock, R&B to classic disco, hip-hop to blues.
  • Discover unique digital creatures generated by your music CDs, customise them and get them grooving along to your tunes.
  • 5 licensed starter tracks to get you dancing.
  • Be your own choreographer and DJ in recorder mode, then challenge your friends to try out your steps.

Product Description
Product InformationThe Dance Factory Bundle with Dance Mat gets you grooving! No other dance matgame gives you an unlimited choice of tunes. Simply pop in any of your music CDsand Dance Factory will choreograph new dance moves every time like no otherdance mat game! Get your friends get your CDs and get Dance Factory for thebest party in town. Multiplayer options including freestyle battle andelimination tournament. Up to 16 players Super stylish background graphics… More >>

Dance Factory Game & Mat Bundle

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