Guitar Hero:On Tour Software Only

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  • Select from six characters, decking them out with stylish threads and hot guitars earned through success in the in-game venue circuit.
  • Use the innovative Guitar Hero DS guitar grip peripheral and pick-stylus (both sold separately) to strum the touch-activated screen to rock out on the go.
  • Prove your guitar shredding skills while navigating through a variety of single player modes featuring classic Guitar Hero style note highway gameplay.
  • Multiplayer options allow you to play Face Off, Pro Face off, Co-op and Guitar Duel together with a friend by utilizing local wireless multi-card play.
  • Blow into the DS microphone when the touch screen is set on fire in pyrotechnics, or sign an autograph when requested to by an excited fan.

Product Description
Travel back through time and rock on with the latest portable guitar simulator. Guitar Hero On Tour : Decades features sets of five songs out of a total of twenty-eight tracks. Each set focuses on a specific era of rock music, including two called “2000″ and “Modern”. Each set has a specialized venue for the era. Seven songs are taken from Guitar Hero World Tour.

Play co-operatively or compete head-to-head in local wireless play in Face-Off, Pro-Face Off, … More >>

Guitar Hero:On Tour Software Only

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