Army Men 3D

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  • Third Person view

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The little plastic army men you played with as a child are toys no longer! They are now living beings bent on destruction. Of course, you get to play an integral role in the conflict as Sarge, a sergeant (you were expecting another rank?) in the Green Army. While your objectives vary with each mission, the goal is to defeat the evil Tan Army using a little strategy and a lot of firepower…. More >>

Army Men 3D

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This game is a total BLAST!! Shoot some Tan’s, lay some mines, squish ‘em with your tank, chuck a few gernades, play sevaral differnt terrains, and just have fun. Army Men 3D has great animation. You have a awesome 3rd person view with great grahics and lot of weapons. Mutiplayer is so much fun. I don’t think that there is a downside to any part of the game. If you have Playsation this sould be the first game you buy!! Have fun.
Rating: 5 / 5

Army Men 3D has to be the best game I own. As soon as I bought it I was instantly absessed! It has over 15 missions which are all cool and interesting. Whether its rescueing men or blowing up towers, some times just plain out wiping out armies, its all out fun. fire rifles, mortars, bazookas, or throw grenades. Sometimes when feeling frustrated you can always lay down some explosives! Drive 4 different vehicles including jeeps or tanks!

The only downside to this game is the graphics. they sure aint perfect but they are not as bad as some people would say. You can always easily make out your charachter but some times the tean enemy can camoflauge with the terrain.

This shouldnt be enough to keep you from buying this nearly perfect game!
Rating: 5 / 5

This game is one of the best head to head military games out there. The animated player movement is smooth and the topographic/graphics are good. Weapons available include M-16, M-60, Tank (great for grinding your screaming opponent into pulp), jeep mounted 50 cal., flamethrower, bazooka, mortar, grenades, and landmines. This version is far superior to the later versions. The aiming reticule for the mortar and grenades is smoother and easier to use and the damage inflicted seems more realistic than the later versions. I would like to see a couple of weapons added (posion gas [delivered by artillery], bayonet, garrot, command detonated claymores). The only real complaint about this game is the lack of different scenarios in the head to head mode. It would be nice to see 3DO add some scenarios depicting Urban/Jungle/Mountain warfare to the two player mode. Those complaints aside, this game is one of the best, it allows for some rudimentary strategy and tactial planning, then compells the players to resort to brute force to wear your opponent down.
Rating: 5 / 5

This game has a one player and a two player option. I like the two player mode best. I will describe it first. There are 5 different battle grounds to fight over and the graphics are great, the format is capture the flag, along the way you will find weapons such as bazooka, mortar, grenades, automatic rife, flamethrower, tanks, .50 caliber machine gun and mines. You will also get men to assign for defence or attack. If you have a buddy at the same skill level the game is so addictive that it’s hard to stop playing. The are super sound effects (check out the death scream!) and you can turn off the music to make it more realistic. The one player game is fun and challenging it be sure but nothing like laying an ambush for your co-player in the two player mode. Chase him into a mine field and stand back. The one player mode has several different missions that reqiure different tasks to be completed (such as blowing up a bridge and a radio tower) as well as having to mow down hordes of plastic commies. At this price you cannot go wrong, this is a good game, easy controls and quick load times.
Rating: 4 / 5

I would have to say this was the best game I’ve EVER played! It has over 15 awesome missions where you save men or plain out DESTROY evil tan armies! In the game you are the sarge and your country relies on you to get the jobs done! Fire flamethrowers, bazookas, rifles or throw grenades or launch mortars. When the going gets tough you can always blow up a bridge with explosives! The only downside to the game is the graphics are not spectacular. Some time you only see a screen filled with green. But unlike a lot of reviewers will tell you, you can always make out the enemy or yourself! i would recomend this game to a first timer at Army men 3D. itis easy to figure out and a hacke of a lot of fun!
Rating: 5 / 5

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