Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital

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  • 3 levels of challenging game play
  • Tons of animals from 5 different species including horses, ponies, dogs, cats, rabbits, and piglets.
  • 100+ animal ailments to diagnose and treat
  • Earn a good reputation with pet owners and watch your business grow
  • Ride out and survey the land

Product Description
Calling all animal lovers! Have tons of fun running your very own pet vet clinic. As a doctor you’ll get to take care of fuzzy bunnies, adorable cats, dogs, horses, ponies and even piglets. Packed with oodles of awesome activities ranging from animal examinations, dog training and even horse back riding; you’ll learn amazing facts about animals while you treat, care, and love them! You will be given opportunities to run and operate your own animal hospital with you… More >>

Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital

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Very good game! I would recommend it even if you have the original pet vet game.

The graphics are in 3d, much easier to see than pet vet. You just click where you want the vet to go instead of making the vet walk there using the arrow keys. You can zoom in, scroll camera, or rotate camera. There is 3 game play options; easy, medium and hard. There is also a scenario mode or free-play mode.

There are 6 different animal species, including horses, ponies, dogs, cats, rabbits, and piglets. No guinea pigs in this game, unfortunately. You feed them, play with them, examine them, pet them, and even teach them tricks. There are over 100 animal ailments to treat.

You have to maintain the vet’s energy by eating and her fitness level by resting or sleeping often. You can upgrade the hospital or the animal enclosures. You can even buy items like a mini kitchen, stereo system, or TV. You can go to the store to buy medical equipment, toys, books, feed, a female horse, or even hire help.

The two things I dislike about this game are you can’t actually give the animal medicine or buy it; you just click the button to check-up on animals. Also, time goes by too fast.

Rating: 5 / 5

I gave this game to my 7 year old daughter who has always dreamed of being a veternarian when she grows up. She absolutely LOVES this game. I have enjoyed playing it with her. We have to make money to buy feed, enclosures & supplies. She must budget, watch the time, eat, rest and sleep. Also, she has empolyees that help out and the funniest part is when the employee falls asleep on the bench in front of the clinic. When the vet falls asleep time is fast-forwarded and the animals look like they are doing a JIG in the enclosures. My daughter and I think this is just hilarious and laugh every time. This is an interactive game my daughter loves. Now if I could only get her away from it. Very addictive and fun for my 7 year old!
Rating: 5 / 5

I have never reviewed a product, but after reading some of the things said about this game (trying to research answers for some of the problems we were having) I felt the need to review this to help those considering buying it to better understand and get past some of the complaints of the quick-to-give-up.

I began this game with frustration also. Every complaint that I have read I have experienced. But I have the advantage of being married to a computer business owner. :) First we had upgrades to make, specifically for our video card. We still experience glitches now and then like her sitting beside a chair instead of on it, but the game runs smoothly now without the “getting stuck” complaint.

The complaint that you only get bunnies (this took much research) has turned out to not be a problem either. There are four skills that you will be working on: healing (giving proper diagnosis and follow-up), stroking (giving the animals attention), cleaning (keeping their habitats clean), and playing (playing with the animals for exercise). Each of these skill areas increases the more you do them. In order to get the next animal (which I believe is a cat) you must first max each of the four skills for the first animal (bunnies). I found that this took a long time for my 8 year old to do. But she is patient and loved the bunnies while she had only them. MANY weeks after doing just bunnies, she has finally advanced to cats and is thrilled. I appreciate that the game writers took into consideration that in order to take care of 2 species you must first fully understand how to take care of ONE. As you continue to master each specie you are given another. We have enjoyed reading the “books” you can buy, becoming educated on each animal, and receiving a certificate to hang on your wall once you’ve read all the books in a series.

One review I read said they had a fairly new computer and they were upset it wouldn’t run nicely on their machine. We have 3 computers in our house (being in the business) and the one our children use is NOT a new machine. We didn’t have to have a new machine to run this game. Just an upgraded video card. If this game isn’t working like you think it should, get a little computer advice from someone you can trust who knows what they are talking about. I’m glad we stuck it out with this game. I think you won’t be disappointed if you can just work past the bugs and unknown. When my 8 year old, 6 year old and 4 year old are in bed, I have been known to sign-in to the game and play a little myself. :)
Rating: 4 / 5

I’m 9 years old and play this game frequently. I love to play it. It’s not frustrating at all and it’s totally exciting with many adorable animals. I didn’t like her wardrobe in the beginning but then I bought a dresser and changed her outfit. The Pigs are fun to treat!!!!! They’re smart!! The rabbits are soft and adorable; having my favorite animal being rabbits. I play this game for at least a half an hour a day and can’t wait for the next time playing it!!!!

Get this game and try it out!! It’s the best!!
Rating: 5 / 5

I did have to adjust my graphics acceleration to get the game to run smoothly, but it’s a fantastic game.

You get a building with your waiting room, exam room, living room, and bedroom. You build animal pens outside, buy medical equipment, buy books to learn about caring for each species, and need to manage your time to make sure you examine animals, sleep, eat, and for all animals that require a hospital stay you need to feed, care for, play with, and clean up after.

It’s a fun and well designed game.
Rating: 5 / 5

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