The Sims 3: World Adventures Expansion Pack

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  • Enjoy a unique all-star soundtrack of songs, especially recorded in Simlish for the expansion.
  • Accept challenges, find treasures, discover the dangers lurking in hidden caves and more as you and your sims explore famous landmarks in China, Egypt, and France.
  • Learn new skills like photography, martial arts and nectar making (a favorite sim beverage) as your sim pursues new opportunities.
  • Meet new Sims from exotic locations and share their cultures.
  • Get $10 worth of free SimPoints for use at The Sims 3 Store.

Product Description
Sims 3 World Expansion Pack Product Description
The Sims 3: World Adventures Expansion Pack* is the first expansion pack for the The Sims 3. Playable both on PCs and Macs, it focuses on a range of travel opportunities available to your sims, which allow for everything from pleasant family vacations, all the way to an adventure-filled, possibly even dangerous Indiana Jones like adventures. Along the way yo… More >>

The Sims 3: World Adventures Expansion Pack

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I own every single Sims game, and had owned all of the Sim City series as well. With that said, let’s move on to the review of EA’s latest product, The Sims 3: World Adventures. I had high anticipation because I am used to the massive amounts of new things we got with the Sims 1 & Sims 2 expansions, which were offered at much lower costs. However, do not let this deter you. While you may not get a ton of new items, you do get adventure as promised. The pros:

1. You do get to travel, and there are goals when you do so. I didn’t care for the way the Sims 2: Bon Voyage, didn’t really give you a goal. It was go to a new place, relax, stay for a huge amount of time and leave. World Adventures gives you goals, while allowing you to visit various places if you would like. And in time you can buy a vacation home and spend more time there. You have to build up your “visa” to have stays longer than 3 days in each location, and you do this by completing adventures. I had a great time wandering around the maze like tombs, and avoiding torching myself.

2. There are indeed a few more items, and they have country themes. In the past few games we have really only had Asian oriented items; I love decorating the house with flaming chandeliers like the ones seen in the tombs.

3. I have not found all of the new social interactions, but so far there have been about three.

4. Basements! Yes you heard right, you can actually have basements to your house now; not only that but you can build “tombs” under your home.

5. A few new traits and music tastes.

6. Your sim, when they learn a new song, may come home singing- which I find very cute.


1. As with any EA game that just came out, there are glitches. The first time I started up, my sim was no where to be found. The plumbob was deformed and I couldn’t preform any actions. I uninstalled it, the problem still remained. So I uninstalled the base game; that fixed that problem. Then I couldn’t get skills or buy skill books. This was apparently a conflict between the new patch (that is required it seems.) and game mods and some custom content. I removed by mods and custom content; now the game runs like a charm.

2. The loading time is much longer than with The Sims 3 base game. I have plenty of memory, a new graphics card and plenty of RAM. I am above the required specs with everything, but only slightly. If you are working with the bare minimums or just a little above, it may run a little slower.

3. I have noticed (it may be my computer) that some of the graphics are not as clear, such as a blurry pixelation of my sims eye sockets.

4. Still no memories.

5. Some of the new features have been hard for me to find, such as the collection for photographs (which is a nice new bonus).

6. Toddlers & pregnant women cannot travel. I assume this is because it would be unsafe for them to be caught on fire, but it still stinks leaving them home.

7. Some people have been having a lot more problems, such as the game not loading, codes not working and games not saving. I have personally not had any of these problems.

I will update this as I continue to play; but so far the adventures have made getting the game worth it. I really enjoy having the goals and feeling like I’m achieving something for my sim.
Rating: 4 / 5

I just came online after angrily quitting the Sims 3: World Adventures. When I first bought the game it was a nice change to be able to go to different parts of the Sim world. It was a welcomed change. However, that was before I discovered all the glitches and bugs this expansion pack introduced to my Sims 3 game. I deeply regret buying it.

A few things that have gone wrong since I installed it:

- If a Sim has been in an area too long (ie Egypt) that sim will out of nowhere have a family located in that area. My sim girl was in Egypt a lot because the mummies and tombs were fun to me. After a while I looked at the family tree and she’s somehow already married to an old man and they have a kid together? What the?! I can’t break up the marriage so she can’t marry anyone ever. (See Picture I Uploaded)

- My sim guy “went steady” with a girl from China. When he got home, the girl disappeared so now my guy can’t marry anyone because it still shows that he’s in a relationship with this girl. I can’t reach her by phone or go to China because she vanished.

- There is a car stuck outside my sim’s homes and I can’t do Move Objects On to remove it.

- If my Sim asks a foreign sim (from China for example) to get married, the game glitches so that they marry but the Chinese sim doesn’t move in. I can keep marrying them but they never move in, it just glitches and sends them flying around the house.

- Lastly, the glitch that made me upset the most is that I was in Egypt exploring tombs when all of a sudden the game glitches and nothing, I mean NOTHING, is clickable anymore. I can’t use my cell to get out of there, I can’t make my sim walk anywhere because not even the floors are clickable. I just said forget it and quit the game.

These glitches have ruined the game for me. It was a big mistake trying out the game with my favorite family. Now they’re all messed up and I cant do anything to fix it. This expansion pack was MAJOR FAIL. I advise you NOT to get it and only do so when *everything* is fixed. Save your money until then! The game itself is pretty fun if you’re looking to trying new things and introduce new challenges for you and your sim but like I said, it’s better to wait until its problems are fixed.
Rating: 1 / 5

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT buy this until they have the bugs worked out and it works. It might be a fun game if it would work properly but it doesn’t.

I can not just save my game anymore, I have to “Save As” each time and then the game will still sometimes crash while saving. It also randomly crashes just during gameplay. I read on the official forum that this could be due to high FPS so I used my nifty Nvidia V-sync as suggested and nope, it still crashes away many, many times.

There are also reports of TONS of other bugs which I have been lucky enough to not have happen to me yet. Some people report their Sims completely vanishing or of an “evil twin” that shows up when they come back from visiting one of the 3 countries. They also have random spouses and children they never had before. The list goes on and on. Bad, stupid bugs here.

On the positive side, the destinations themselves are gorgeous. However, the adventuring you do there gets so repetitve and boring. I’ve only had this one day and am already thinking, “How many times do I have to explore tombs to look for stupid loot?”
Rating: 1 / 5

Like many others with The Sims Series… I have been a fan of The Sims since they first came out with “The Sims” and “The Sims 2″ And I would expect that with such a money making franchise as The Sims, that EA would NOT do what they have been doing… But they did…

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!! It will destroy anything you have done in The Sims 3 so far and is buggy beyond belief!

If you want to know how I truly feel… Then think about a time you got that feeling in the pit of your stomach, that made you feel sick because you had just been blatantly ripped off or betrayed… That’s how I feel!

It is not a VACATION expansion… It is an ADVENTURES “add on” taking a fun non-linear game and making it into a console game where you actually have to go from point a to point b.

It is just downright inhuman what EA does with employees, and how it impacts the finished product.

They constantly lay off hard workers because they are afraid that if anyone works on a game for too long that they may try to leave and start their own company… So EA moves development teams in 6 week to 6 month shifts… Rotating them from project to project… This means that every time they “rotate” the new team has to somehow pick up where the old team left off, relearning and trying to figure out what was going on before the “rotation”… And this creates MAJOR ISSUES. EA also rushes things to release dates even against the development teams wishes to hold off release so they can make a more polished product… EA does not care! They are all about the almighty bottom dollar! So what you get is a half finished, problem causing game, that otherwise would have been wonderful.

Now, onto the MICRO-TRANSACTIONS!!! Not only do you pay for this overpriced, half finished game…. But you will also have to pay to “unlock” items and features that were otherwise already in the game, but hidden, because selling millions of The Sims 3 wasn’t enough for EA, they now want to charge you $20 a pop of REAL WORLD MONEY to get 1000 “SIM POINTS” so you can have the matched sets and items and features that should have been in the game in the first place. You can see forum postings and reviews about the REAL COST of The Sims 3 here on

This is the FIRST expansion… If you can even call it that, as I see it more as a step backwards. All The Sims games have had expansions that do, in fact, make the base game better and better… Like adding PETS, and a NIGHTLIFE, and actual SEASONS with rain and snow and so on and so forth… The base games also had a great deal of content to begin with, from tons of matched furniture to pools with slides and diving boards, hot tubs, and musical items that you could make your own Sim garage band with… Then enter the Sims 3 with NONE OF THAT STUFF!!!

Then enter The Sims 3 World Adventures, Still not adding anything other than a ONE TIME adventure for your chosen Sims… Yes ONE TIME! Still no vacation… Still no hot tubs… Still no diving boards… Still no pets… No seasons. I can say it was quite fun playing through the new expansion with one of my Sims… But here is one of the many problems… My old towns and Sims have been destroyed with the addition of this expansion… Where my huge town with tons of custom houses and Sims once stood are now blue property sized holes. If that wasn’t bad enough… I create a new town and a new Sim household to go on ADVENTURES… I am having some fun exploring and collecting goodies, and enjoying the new themes and whatnot… Until I get bored and decide to try ADVENTURES with a different Sim… This part makes me very angry… Well more angry after losing my Sim town… I CANNOT DO ADVENTURES AGAIN! Yes that is right! Once you go through the tombs and discover everything with one Sim, any other Sims you try to do it with will not get the same bonuses and benefits as the first one! All the paths remain open and revealed, all the doors stay open, all the traps found and disabled, all the ONE TIME ITEMS do not return, including a required item called “Pengu’s Axe”… On top of this is a disappearing inventory glitch where every now and then, items in your Sims “backpack” up and delete themselves!

Also, get used to seeing “Error Code 13″ and “Error Code 16″ when trying to save your games… When this happens, the save game is corrupted and everything you have done has just been destroyed, and you now have to go into the game save directory and HOPE that there is still a working backup copy you can restore with some less that user friendly editing.

I could go on and on about other glitches and bugs, and the fact they have Day One micro transactions on or before the release date of this expansion showing that they are intentionally leaving things out of the game just to make more cash off the people dumb enough to pony forth said cash.

So that means that only ONE SIM HOUSEHOLD and one Sim household ONLY can get the full experience of the adventures… Any others after that just walk through the already explored tombs with nothing to do and nothing that would be considered an actual “Adventure.” So unless you want to constantly create whole new towns and start over again just to reset the Adventures… I say leave this game off your holiday gift list… At least until EA pulls their heads out of their donkeys and fixes the glaring issues with this game.

I am 27 years old, I build high end gaming computers, and I have only had to call tech support 7 times in my life… Once 10 years ago for Windows ME, and six times in the last six months! Each of those six times for separate EA games that either didn’t work because of something in the game itself, or that relies on some sort of stable connection with ea servers, or was so flawed and buggy that it annoyed me to the point I actually broke down and called them.

As a video game fan, I would rather wait a longer time and PAY MORE for a better, fully polished and finished product, than to have some half done turd that needs a year worth of patches and editing to make even barely playable.

I cannot play The Sims 3 anymore because of this expansion and it’s massive glitches and errors, and I am having serious thoughts about Buying ANYTHING from EA ever again!

Rating: 1 / 5

I loved the Sims 2 all the way thru. LOVED IT!!!! The only reason I moved to S3 was for promise of virtually no load screens(a real buzz kill back in the land & times of Sims 2) AND for the added enhancements that surely would come of the newest incarnation. I mean the programmers by this point have had lots of practice right? They know after so many S2 expansions what we’d like- Nay,what we DEMAND from our Sims game, correct? But sadly that has not turned out to be the case. S3 on it’s own I find is terribly boring. No pets, no businesses, no seasons, no college, no nightlife to speak of. Not much going on. Just work and school. Heck- there isn’t even a drum set or piano to play. Just a dumb guitar. And when they do have a piano- you’ll probably have to “purchase” it off the ever dominant online “exchange” with your oh-so-fun “sim points”. So EA actually just stripped the game down to the barest of essentials, re-packeged it and re-sold. I guess that’s fine if you never played S2 and have no knowledge of how intricate and complex that game eventually became. S3 is like starting over from scratch. I know this is a strategic moneymaker- start from the bottom and charge the players to build it back up.

Which brings us then to S3EP1: Sims 3 World adventures (known in another life as Bon Voyage for Sims 2). Quite simply this game blows. Getting past the fact that for some reason EA would have us believe that a “world adventurer” only visits 3 desitnations. Sorry guys- but China, Paris, & Cairo do not make up the “WORLD”. So more cities would have been in order before giving the game such a sweeping and worldy title. Next up- the price of the game. Initally retailed at $40 and like a sucker I payed that because as I said I LOVED Sims 2 and desperately hoped for Sims 3 to take it to that next great level. But $40 later my game (which is not terribly fascinating to begin with despite the wonders of jet-setting) is now laden with bugs. It worked perfectly fine, before the mandatory game update which was required prior to completing the install of the EP and its subsequent patch. Seriously EA? You release an update that you immediately have to patch???? Or release a patch that you immediately have to update?!? Either way now my game is almost unusable. The thing crashes to desktop sporadically. One of my families has now disappeared off the face of Sim 3 universe (THANKS ERROR 16!). The aging is botched so that my elderly sims are 90 one day but wake up the next looking younger than their youngest adult offspring. Trying to complete missions whilst on “vacation” is not only not relaxing but sometimes impossible as after completing hours of time on these scavenger hunts they call missions- suddenly the target you need to report back to in order to complete the action is nowhere to be found- EVER. So there went your very short 3 day vacation trying to build up your Visa level. Racing around to complete tasks that ultimately are not able to be finished. Oh- and should you make progress, actually somehow get through the journey and then get whisked unceremoniously back to you homeland- Perhaps your Sim shows up on the other end safe and sound but they arrive sans the spouse or the children that they ventured off with!!! What the heck? How are Sims being left behind on vacation? Or maybe, just maybe, everyone does actually show up on the other end- but then the game just immediately crashes back to desktop once more so you’ve lost days upon days of your Sims lives and Hours upon Hours of your ACTUAL life in terms of playing time. Sigh….

Let me mention- my computer is new. Purchased almost exclusively for Sims 3. 750 Harddrive, 8G Ram. Quad Core. Decent graphics card. Up to date drivers. So it ain’t me. This game is broken. I supsect EA knew too it. They MAKE games. That’s what they do. They know how to test them so see whether they work or not before releasing it to the public. And It was strategically released in the 4th quarter to gain EA end of yr profits. I totally get it. Holding to fix it would have lost profits. But they released a shoddy product. They really should be ashamed and bending over backwards to fix it. But they aren’t. Taking money like thieves in the night and leaving their gaming fans holding a very broken, very irritating expansion in the bag.

Seriously EA?!?! They actually outdone themselves this time.
Rating: 1 / 5

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