Battlefield: Bad Company

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  • Genre-defining multiplayer: Support for 24 players online in a world designed to take full advantage of the game’s massively destructible environments.
  • Cinematic single-player experience: A deep campaign loaded with attitude follows a wayward band of ordinary soldiers who risk it all on a quest for personal gain.
  • War, your way Battlefield: Bad Company environments are 90 percent destructible, meaning that any structure can be demolished down to its foundation. Gamers can shape the battlefield to match their play style ? the possibilities are literally endless.
  • New vehicles, weapons and toys: Land, air or sea, dozens of new tools are waiting for explosive experimentation. Battlefield: Bad Company gives gamers the building blocks to get creative and usher in a new era of their own “Battlefield moments”.
  • Frostbite game engine DICE’s Frostbite game engine raises the bar for next-gen gaming, with stunning HD graphics that bring characters, vehicles, and environments to life like never before.

Product Description
Battlefield: Bad Company
Sometimes the gratitude of a nation just isn’t enough Set in the near future, the Battlefield: Bad Company single-player campaign drops gamers behind enemy lines as part of a squad of four soldiers – risking it all to go AWOL on a personal quest. Featuring a dramatic storyline flavoured with attitude, Battlefield: Bad Company leads gamers far from the traditional frontlines on a wild ride with a group… More >>

Battlefield: Bad Company

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Battlefield: Bad Company is a fun game to play. Right away I noticed the game has probably the best sounds of combat I have ever heard in a game. From the sounds of weapons firing to the sounds of armored vehicles running, the game is great to listen to. The sounds of mortar shells coming down and exploding around you is just unbelievable. When I walk through forests and fields, I can actually hear the sounds of birds chirping, dogs barking, and cows mooing.

The graphics in the game are just great too. I love looking at the water in streams and rivers. It looks very real. The forests and villages in this Eastern European setting are really beautiful to look at in this game.

I like how you can jump in different vehicles to drive around in and there is a car radio in the vehicle to listen to while you are driving around. There are several different radio stations to listen to. I love the music in this game.

The AI in this game is pretty smart. When enemy soldiers see me, they immediately run and hide behind something. They have try to out flank me and they have tried to sneaked behind me a few times. I love the part where a enemy soldier runs into a building to hide from you and you can use your weapon to blow a good size hole into a building to waste the enemy soldier. It is also so much fun to just take your weapon and shoot down all the trees that enemy soldiers are hiding behind. You can do so much damage to the terrain with your weapons in this game.

The maps to this game are huge. The maps are ten times bigger than the maps to Call of Duty 4. I love the sandbox settings to this game where you can go any where on the maps.

I highly recommend getting this game. Battlefield: Bad Company is a fun game to play and the game has a lot of replay value to it.
Rating: 5 / 5

DICE Sweden has produced one amazing engine. They already have mastered the gameplay in past games. The new frostbite engine is as good as it gets for FPS. After playing for a couple of hours, it is impossible to play other FPS like COD4. Why bother to climb up to take down the sniper, when you can take down the tower with a RPG. There is no annoying boundaries, every thing can be opened up. When the map is not rigid it is lot more fun to play.

It is easy for anyone appreciate the video quality. Iam more amazed by the engines audio strength. Every gun, explosion, terrain sounds unique. Even the sound transition of passing vehicles in combat is reproduced impeccably.

The game is very accessible too. With lot of respawn points, it is easy to get along when you make a mistake.

I like the witty British/Swedish writing. Story line and the twist is very well handled. This game will be a strong contender for FPS of the year.
Rating: 5 / 5

I heard this was going to be great, so I got it right away. I’m pleased to report it is as fantastic as people expected. You can destroy everything in your sight! You can drive tanks and jeeps and helicopters, everything. The online mode is smooth and easy compared to MGS4. Makes COD4 seem dumb for not having rumble, destructible environments or vehicles. There’s going to be a lot of action on the Bad Co servers this summer! Get in on it!

01/01/09: I have to say, I have gotten a bunch of games since this one, and I had a lot before I got this one. I have 11 or 12 games for PS3. Hands down, this is still my favorite game and I highly recommend it at this new low price. This is the BEST game for PS3 and you must have it. Do not hesitate. You couldn’t spend $30 towards your system and get more for the money! I still have not played the actual game portion of this. I play ranked quickmatches and that’s so satisfying I haven’t even tried the story. Also, they added a capture the flag type multiplayer version to it and I haven’t even tried that! The ranked quickmatch is worth the money alone. This game is awesome. Get it!
Rating: 5 / 5

Comparing BBC and COD4 is closer to apples and oranges, but because they are both military shooters, they will be compared constantly. The truth is, they are both great games.

Here is my take on Battlefield Bad Company:

BBC has a great use of vehicles, they fit the battlefield well, are not too powerful and are fun to operate. The only one that doesn’t work well for most people is the chopper – it takes forever to master.

All of the classes are fun to use. The sniper in COD4 is frustrating and on some boards is just about impossible to use. BBC makes sniping fun again.

The single player game is awesome in a completely different way than COD4. It is laugh out loud funny and simply a blast to play, blowing everything in sight up without constantly worrying about how much ammo you have. It is much more fun than realistic.

BBC Multiplayer places a greater emphasis on teamwork. It may sound silly, but the support role, the dependance upon others for a ride to the fight, and how the roles mesh together make for a much more rewarding experience when it clicks. If however you are thrown in with a bunch of newbies who don’t know how to play in a team, it can be frustrating. Once I was on a team of 12 and I counted 7 snipers on one board. No one was attacking the crates. But as people start to get the feel for it, it gets more and more fun. I actually listen for the support guys to yell, “Here, patch yourself up!” and start looking around for the kit. Also, I have scored very high scores by just playing the support role and fixing vehicles and being a medic. The cool thing is that you can pass out first aid, then raise a heavy machine gun and finish off guys to boot. Awesome stuff.

Additionally, the battelfield atmosphere is outstanding. The buildings and such are nowhere near as detailed as COD4, but when artillary strikes come down around you and you lose your ability to hear and focus, but find a hole or corner to hide in to ride it out, there is no doubt that combat must be similar to that.

A couple of real challenges that I wish had been addressed. There is only one multiplayer mode with two sides. Attacker and Defender. There are several maps, but most of them feel very similar. I wish there were some deathmatch modes, or other creative match structures. Rumor has it that they are releasing a new game mode later this summer. So we’ll see.

Another thing is that while the grenade launchers are awesome to blow holes in things, they are worthless for trying to kill guys. I realize that they couldn’t make the grenade launcher too powerful, but you should be able to take guys out with it. I have occasionally landed one perfectly, but usually it is only good for light vehicles or taking out walls.

The final problem is that there is no split screen or co-op mode. I love in COD4 to take on my son head to head. Sometimes we even just run around in the maps looking for nooks and crannies to hide in. But in BBC, that isn’t available. Hopefully in the future, co-op mode will just be a given in military shooters.

This game is a must buy for shooter fans. The single-player game is worth the price, but the multiplayer is where it shines. I love both COD4 and BBC. To only choose one of them would be to rob yourself of the other. If you love military shooters, these two are both great.
Rating: 5 / 5

I consider myself a casual gamer growing up playing Super Nes, Attari, and Genesis. And never thought I would be writing a game review. But I have felt compeled after playing Battlefield Bad Company for PS3 for the past three months. Bad Company is the most fun and addicting game I can remember. The multiplayer is unbelievable and the new 1.20 upgrade has really perfected the games graphics and gameplay. Being able to blow up and change your enviroment is really cool.

The game is underated. I have owned Call of Duty 4 and Far Cry 2, these games haven’t come close and I have since sold them and have gone back to playing Battlefield Bad Company. I don’t consider COD4 the game of the year.

I can’t wait for the PS3 sequel. The best thing I can say is if you are looking to buy a holiday gift or a birthday gift this game would be a great for a gamer.
Rating: 5 / 5

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