Cars Puzzle Book

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  • ISBN13: 9780736425681
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Product Description
FIVE BIG PUZZLES featuring Lightning McQueen and his friends will keep young Cars fans racing along the highway of adventure! Each puzzle has 12 sturdy board pieces that fit right inside the pages of the book—so they are fun to put together and easy to keep together! And the padded cover makes it a great gift item!… More >>

Cars Puzzle Book

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This puzzle book is great for a child interested in puzzles! Our son, 3 years old, loves putting together puzzles – and this book of puzzles offers plenty of variety. We still help him a little bit – but it’s good time spent together. I recommend this puzzle over the 60 piece Disney Car’s puzzle, that we also recieved – but, I didn’t care for the 60 piece puzzle. It was not well made – this puzzle book – is GREAT! So… if you’re looking for a Disney Cars puzzle for your kids – this is the one! And, great value, too!
Rating: 5 / 5

The idea of a book of puzzles is great. My son (4 yrs old) just loves this book of puzzles, and it is very easy (too easy?) to put them together, as the image on the page is printed underneath the puzzle so when it is removed you can just place the pieces on top of the corresponding part of the picture.

As another reviewer has stated, the pieces are more the thickness of thin cardboard and less like puzzle pieces. This is slightly problematic when putting the puzzle together as the pieces are less 3D to snap together. But mostly it creates the problem that the recess in the pages the puzzle fits into is too shallow, and the pieces so thin that they don’t really want to stay in the book.

The front cover is an absolute design fiasco. Yes it is all fancily padded… but it is an open frame. So when you stand the book up to put it on a shelf, the initial puzzle just falls out. And even worse, when my son finishes that first puzzle and turns the page for the next one… well the 1st puzzle is basically turned upside down, a quarter inch off the table, with nothing to hold it in. So it plops on the table all in pieces. The only way to keep the first puzzle in the book is to have it laying face up and never put it in a bookshelf or turn the page to do the other puzzles. Whyever would they do this? One would think that they would put either a clear plastic window to keep the finished puzzle in place or have a front cover without a hole in it.

So, this is why this gets such a low rating. Nice idea, very bad execution.
Rating: 3 / 5

My son loves Cars, and enjoys puzzles. He was thrilled when a friend gave him this book, but after a few minutes I was not. The pieces don’t fit right, and fall out when you turn the page. My son still wants to do the puzzles, but he’s constantly frustrated because the pieces pop out when he tries to add another. I’m constantly frustrated because they end up all over the floor. You have to work from back to front to get all the puzzles in, then store the book lying flat (unless you feel like dumping out every single puzzle by standing it up.) I wish they’d just made it more expensive, but made it right.
Rating: 2 / 5

I have never written a review before but for this product, I was compelled that it was absolutely necessary. I saw how high the rating was on this product and wouldn’t want people to be misled and purchase it. The puzzle pieces are flimsy and not of good quality. Therefore, not only is it hard to put it together but it doesn’t even stay together very well. Not to mention when you flip the page, the puzzle that you put together all falls apart. We got this for my son’s 3rd birthday but found that it aggravated and frustrated him so we had to take it away from him.
Rating: 1 / 5

My 2-year old grandson is in love with the Cars characters. He is getting very good at puzzles in general and we thought this would be the perfect toy. However, this book is very frustrating for him and for me. It is difficult for him to make the puzzles inside of the book for two reasons. The first is that some of the puzzle frames are a little small so the puzzle doesn’t really fit and keeps in place and where another needs to go (like the second coat of paint is always harder to do than the first coat). We have tried to make the puzzles on the floor but the quality is so cheap that they don’t stay together. There is little satisfaction for him in having a sense of accomplishment or in being able to work independently. He keeps wanting to play with it but it’s always disappointing.
Rating: 2 / 5

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