IHRA Drag Racing

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  • Fully customize 60 accurate and detailed vehicles in the garage and paint shop and race on 22 different tracks
  • Compete in sportsman and dragster racing classes in a single race or a 12-event season
  • Quick play Arcade mode for the casual racing fan; Detailed simulation mode recreates he excitement and challenge of the IHRA Sportsman 12-event season
  • Earn money to buy and unlock new higher quality parts and cars – then progress towards the IHRA Sportsman Championship
  • Race on 11 official IHRA tracks and 11 original, Fantasy-style tracks

Product Description
IHRA Drag Racing: Sportsman Edition is for racing fans who wants something a little wilder. You’ll hit the asphalt for incredible high-speed action like you’ve never seen before! Tons of great hidden features to unlock – Parts, trophies, and a second full season, to ensure endless hours of gameplay… More >>

IHRA Drag Racing

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This game falls very short in most categories:

Game play – It’s fair. You get all the realism of bracket racing with all the stats (i.e. – reaction time, 60 foot time, 1/8 mile, etc. no mph though), you can upgrade your car’s engine and tweak other settings like suspension and fuel flow, but it’s a rather generic setup.

Sound – Less than poor! There is one feedback sound (like when you select an option) for everything and it’s annoying! It sounds like it might possibly be a engine hood or car door slamming shut. Or maybe a large firecracker going off in a metal tube… The sound effects for the cars are awful. At idle the sound is just like you expect for a hot rod, but when you “hit the gas” it sounds like your going at a fast idle down the track with no shifting; it’s very lack-luster.

The music soundtrack is ok, but it’s generic. Don’t expect to hear any chart topping hits here.

Visuals and graphics – HA! Not at all up to par with what the PS2 is capable of. Can you say Super Nintendo? The cars look sort-of-but-not-really like real cars. The car I tried kind of looked like a 1970 Dodge Charger with a Camaro front end. You can customize the look of your car with some generic paint schemes. And they have some “hot” 3-d babes in skimpy outfits to help you stage at the tree – woo-hoo! (Puh-leeease!)

Control – no need for that high dollar steering wheel if you have one. All control is through a standard controller. It’s somewhat difficult to keep your car from veering across the center line or into a wall (resulting in disqualification).

In short don’t waste your money unless you can get past the sound and graphics. The bracket racing is quite fun to challenge your reaction time, etc. I’m suprised that the IHRA agreed to associate their name with this game.
Rating: 2 / 5

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