Playseat Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 3 Evolution Racing Seat

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  • High-tech Forza Motorsport 3 Licensed Edition Chair for racing video games puts you in the middle of the excitement
  • Adjustable to almost every game console/computer and steering wheel
  • Just install separately available game steering wheel and pedals
  • Reinforced steel tubular construction eliminates excess wobble; folds for storage
  • Includes X-Box 360 Wireless Wheel Adaptor Kit (a $29.99 retail value); Measures 52.1 x 19.7 x 38.6 inches (L x H x W)

Product Description
Introducing the Limited Edition Forza 3 Evolution Racing Seat. This evolution is outfitted with an extra strong, lightweight, black powder coated tubular steel frame with high-tension spring, and wire system for the ultimate racing experience. The new limited edition evolution is fully upholstered in Black synthetic leather and red stitching with the official Forza Motorsport 3 branding and insignia. The licensed Forza 3 seat also includes the X-Box 360 Wireless Whe… More >>

Playseat Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 3 Evolution Racing Seat

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Watch Video Here: Hopefully my video review will answer any questions you have about this seat set-up.

This is a great product, well built and quality made.

This seat makes playing the latest driving video games feel as real as possible.
Rating: 5 / 5

I compared this racing seat to virtually every other competing product in the market. By leaving no stone unturned I feel I was prepared for the few “downsides” to this product, and as a result I feel really good about this purchase. Let me go into a few more specifics, and keep in mind most of these comments universally apply to any of the Playseats Evolution seats.

Strong points:

- The unit was in perfect condition, well packed, and no blemishes or defects of any kind.

- It looks spectacular. Particularly mated to a g25 wheel, the black and red accents mirrors the black and red of the g25 wheel and it honestly looks like a single kit. Really sporty and eye catching together. I love the black frame. For what it is, it looks pretty hot.

- Incredibly light. If you have carpet it can easily be slid in and out of the room. It would be difficult to lift it alone, but I can slide mine into the viewing room and then out into a storage room in seconds. When you remove the “setup” time, the entire product becomes more valuable and it is this portability that won me over in selecting this over competing products. The kicker is it looks so good I doubt I will move it unless we have formal gatherings.

- It just feels like it was made for the logitech wheels. The included bolts, hole patterns, size of each attachment point…it just goes together so seamlessly.

- Solid. I had concerns regarding wobble in the videos I watched while researching this product. With the logitech wheel I find the unit extremely solid in racing conditions. Keep in mind there is some metal flex and movement. This is one of the tradeoffs for a unit that you can actually move and I was prepared for this. Push hard on the pedals and you can feel the pedal base flex. This is not really a problem as there is no sliding of the pedals/wheel, just a little flexing of the metal that does not impair performance in any way. To get more stability you would be adding weight, and I tend to think Playseats achieved just the right balance. Again, nothing in the unit wiggles, there is just a tiny amount of flexing under forceful use.

- Comfort is fine. Would I choose to sit in this to watch a movie? No, probably not. On the other hand it is conforms well to body shape and is perfectly comfortable for such a light weight seat. The quality of materials is top notch and I noticed no uncomfortable contact points. Again, a great balance between adequate comfort, “racing feel”, and light weight.

The negatives are few. I had heard the support bar in the middle is a problem, and this was my biggest concern. It was totally unfounded. I brake and accelerate with my right foot, and use the clutch with my left foot…just as I do in a real car…and I have never bumped the support bar. I actually enjoy the support bar as I have started to intentionally use it as a guide for where my leg placement should be. The ONLY way I can see the bar becoming an issue is if you wanted to brake with your left foot and use your right for the gas. Otherwise the bar adds to the stability and disappears during the game, just as it should.

The one big con is the adjustment method. The infinite adjustments are wonderful. The problem is every time you tighten the adjustment screws you completely gouge the paint. They should really adopt a clamping system and do a better job of lubricating the joints where it slides. Accept that the bottom bar is going to get scratched up and you will be fine. Functionally it is just fine, and the adjustments are great.

At the end of the day the seat not only met my expectations, it actually surpassed them. The unit looks outstanding and it performs flawlessly with the g25/logitech wheels. Playseats really struck the right balance in this product. It could perform with equal success as a permanent racing cockpit, or as an accessory you slide out of the way when not in use.

Other notes:

- The optional gearshift accessory is great. I find it to be the perfect height despite comments that it is a little low, so that may vary depending on user. It is rock solid.

- I have not tried the microsoft wheel or Forza3. It just looks so great with the black frame and red accents that I havent brought myself to remove the g25. Sorry I can’t comment on the pairing of that product yet.
Rating: 5 / 5

This is a well-made seat; Robust frame and hight quality leather seat with gorgeous Forza 3 art works. It looks very beautiful. The seat is supportive and comfortable. I have Xbox 360 wireless wheel and pedal. Both can be mounted firmly. I don’t even need to use the provided velcro. Tips: You can mount the pedal support panel off center to the right, so the center post won’t get in the way if you use your right foot to apply brake. Also you can enclose the bottom part of the xbox 360 pedal inside the foot rest piece, this way the pedal won’t move around. I like this seat very much. I am planning to buy two gear shift mounts see if I can mount my Ace Combat 6 Joystick and throttle on both sides of the seat. This way I can have all my xbox 360 gears in one place.
Rating: 5 / 5

A must if you want to improve your driving. I have both the chair and the less expensive chair for head to head action. The extra money for this chair is hands down worth it.

We have had two weeks of fun with Forza head to hear in split screen mode. Nothing beats having this chair. The next step is actually racing in the car, which we do as well.


Enjoy the game and the chair.
Rating: 5 / 5

If you’re into racing games and want the ultimate experience, this will help do the trick. Solidly built, comfortable, and combined with the Microsoft racing wheel; you will sometimes think you are really racing a vehicle at high speeds. I have been using the product with Forza 3 and Shift with the cockpit view on to make things as realistic as possible. Sometimes when out of control and headed for a crash, you brace yourself just as you would in real life. The only drawback I can think of is the assembly which is slow and reasonably complicated given the instructions are in tiny print. The corresponding photos don’t help much.
Rating: 5 / 5

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