Bards Tale

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  • The modern interpretation of the original Bard’s Tale, the grandfather of all role-playing games, by its original producer – Brian Fargo.
  • A new generation third-person, action/role-playing game featuring wicked humor and clever personality.
  • Play the role of the Bard as he gets swept up in a harrowing adventure that proves too much for countless chosen one but hopefully not for you.
  • Brilliant graphics and bustling environments – Interactive townsfolk, original music (with singing) and immersive, detailed and lively environments

Product Description
Loosely based on (or “inspired by”, if you will) the classic Bard’s Tale series that began as an Apple II RPG in 1985, this new installment brings a fresh dose of comedy to the genre with a 3D isometric view that runs on the Champions of Norrath engine. Is a dragon terrorizing the locals? The Bard will take care of it… for the right price. Local princess held captive? The Bard is your man… as long as she’s hot. Use the Snarky/Nice conversation to pick the tone -… More >>

Bards Tale

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