Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse

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  • Find out who, or what, is causing this plague
  • guide Anna on her action-packed quest; find a cure for this terrible disease
  • encounter a wide variety of undead and mutated creatures

Product Description
Dark Angel is an action/RPG/simulation game that tells the story of a beautiful young woman named Anna, whose village has been ravaged by a deadly plague. All her friends and neighbors have been transformed from peaceful farmers and merchants into blue-colored, flesh-eating, multi-limbed creatures of the night… there goes the neighborhood unless you as Anna can find out why these strange incidents have begun.Amazon.com Product Description
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Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse

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Every once in a while you just go ahead and buy a game without knowing anything about it and you are sorry you did. I have had this happen to me once before with a bad game called Deathtrap Dungeon. Well I referred to this game as Deathtrap Dungeon 2 because it’s another mistake on my part.

And believe me, I am not all that hard on games. I want to like games and I want to have fun, but there isn’t much good about this game. First off, as the other review noted there is no story. You start the game off right in battle, and you expect the story to pick up after that right? Wrong. Think a story is going to show itself at the beginning? Wrong. I have yet to see any story. The only story you will get is from reading the book.

The game kind of reminds me of a Diabalo/Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen, except both of those games were good, and Dark Angel is not. If they would have just thrown in some good voice acting like in Legacy of Kain then the game would be so much better, but they didn’t.

The graphics are definately subpar. The menu screen looks like something that could have easily been done on the PS1. Actually, the whole game looks like it could have been on the PS1. The only part that seems above par is the sounds and music. But there is only so many times you can hear a monster grunt, or one say “You’ll regret that” after you wax him before that gets old.

They say this game is an Adventure/RPG. I don’t see much RPG about it. There really isn’t much freedom to wonder around. Guess my idea of a RPG is Phantasy Star, Summoner or Final Fantasy. On Dark Angel you point a silver cursor to one of the areas on the map then it shows brown dots go to that location. There is no getting attacked on your way to anything. Then all you do is crawl around level after level of some dungeon killing lots of monsters, picking up weapons or stuff, hitting switches, and sometimes killing some monster that gives you some item to fullfill a quest you got from one of the towns. Then you take the item back to the town and they give you some money. You also can collect items to take to these shrine things in the towns and they can raise your strength or one of your other attributes.

The towns are pretty bad too. There is very few people in each town, and probably only two of them are of any use to you. Meaning, there are probably only two of them that you can get a quest from and buy and sell items.

I see nothing original or good about the game (besides the sound). And unless you really like just mind numbing dungeon crawling, then I can’t really recommend this game to anyone. I can see this game coming down in price real quick because once some people get the word out about how bad it is, people probably won’t be buying it too much.

Please rent this game if you really feel the need to play it. Then decide whether or not to buy it, I have a feeling that after a few hours of playing it, you won’t want to waste your money on it.

Believe me, I wanted to like this game. I really wanted it to be good, but it just isn’t. Please don’t make the mistake I did and buy this game because you think it’s going to be good, it just isn’t.
Rating: 2 / 5

Meet Anna..thats about all there is to say about a game that was originally hyped as great looking 3rd person survival horror game, suddenly turned into a rather dull Diablo rip-off. Character interaction isn’t what the reviews claim it to be (oh sure, the villagers talk to you, but its nothing that you need to go out of the way for) and for a game titled Vampire Apocalpyse, it has nothing to do with vampires! For that matter, the endless questing and hacking of monsters (the hack and slash is the ONLY fun part) gets dull after an hour, and there’s STILL no hint anywhere of a storyline or even a minor plot! If you need something to do to just occupy some time, get this game, but if you’re looking for a good plot/story related action RPG (if you can really call this game an RPG) then I’d try to steer clear of Dark Angel.
Rating: 2 / 5

It’s too bad that you can’t rate below one star… this was the first I bought after I bought a PS2 and I can say that it is the main reason that I NEVER buy a game without renting it first. The story line is non-existant. There are no cut-scenes. It made me down right angry that they actually released this game. I played it for about a week hoping it would get better… it didn’t. I finally gave up, and packed this game, along with my PS2 back in the box, and stuck them in my closet for about a month until my friend convinced me that there were good games out there. Good god… if you still feel that you must have this game, contact me, and I will give you my copy for free… (yes it is that bad)
Rating: 1 / 5

At first when I decided to play this game, I thought that it would be like Diablo, but was I ever, ever wrong. There was no storyline at all, the bird’s eye view was horrible (I kept straining my eyes to see the characters, everything was so dark, except for that strange light that seems to illuminating from Anna, which I don’t understand where it came from) and the music was awful. There would be loud pounding music one minute and all of the sudden it’s silent for a long time….Strange…. The action was barely there, just run up to the monster and hack. It wasn’t even fun after the first 30mins. The graphics isn’t even worthy of PSone (maybe supernintendo). Dark Angel is neither an RPG game or is it an adventure game, I don’t know what it is…except that it is boring! I wish I could give it zero stars.
Rating: 1 / 5

Dark Angel is a disappointing game. Allegedly it is an RPG, but it doesn’t feature most of the elements that one would expect: there is no epic opening cinematic, there are no cut scenes, there is no plot or story, there is basically no dialogue, there is very little in the way of character interaction. Instead, the player gets a very bare-bones gaming experience. In fact, it feels like the designers developed a combat system, ran out of money and then released the game as-is. Basically you send the character to an area on the map and fight monsters and fight monsters and fight monsters and then fight monsters some more. The map has nine locations–three towns, three dungeons that you can work down through the levels, and three outdoor wasteland-type places. You can go to the towns and get up to four missions at a time. This gives some minimal variety to the game, but not quite enough to redeem the game. Missions are along the lines of “go to a certain level of a dungeon and fight a certain boss monster” or “retrieve an item and bring it to a certain place.” The latter type of mission is not really that challenging because once you get the item you can immediately exit to the map and return to the assigned location with no fear of being attacked along the road. There is no reason why your character should ever die either because if you get low in HP you can use the same procedure of exiting to the map and returning to a town where your health will be restored. Quite frankly the ability to exit a location at any moment is a design flaw–it takes away the challenge from combat.

The towns are very bare-bones–it is simply a town square with about half a dozen people milling about. Depending on the town, there will be one, two or three people who has a name floating over his or her head indicating that this is someone that you want to talk to. These characters can buy or sell items or give missions. The items are generally about the same that you randomly win during combat. Occasionally there is a nice item, but buy it if you see it because the next time the character will have a different set of randomly-generated items. The other people of the towns each have one thing to say. Once you find out that monsters are stronger at night or that the child wants to be like you when she grows up, there is no reason ever to interact with the character again because that’s all the person has to say. If the game designers had put in a little more effort and included random dialogue for the characters–let’s say a couple dozen random and occasionally funny quotes for each character, that would have significantly improved the gaming experience. Cheap games can occasionally be redeemed if it seems like the designers tried to squeeze as much as possible out of their limited budget. As it is, however, the lack of dialog just seems lame.

The game includes some stats and abilities–in the character screen you can see the scores for strength, intellect, health, HP, spirit, level, Exp and gold. On the map screen there are the scores for research, military and economic. When you complete a mission the reward is typically a boost to one of these last three scores. However, it is not entirely clear why you want to fight a boss monster in order to add points to your “research” or “economic.” At no point anywhere in the game or booklet do they explain what these stats mean. These score don’t even appear on the character screen, so exactly whose scores are they? It is all very odd.

Is the game completely worthless? Considering how half-baked and unfinished the game seems, surprisingly the answer is “no, not completely.” The monsters are all easy to kill by mashing the attack button, but the developers did put in some effort into creating a variety of types of enemies to fight–from fire shooting goblins to vampires to ghosts to zombies to spiders to various other kinds of ghouls and monsters. While the dungeons themselves become rather repetitive after a while, the variety of monsters in Dark Angel is not that bad. I have certainly seen games that have a much worse variety of monsters. The music is at times good, but kind of erratic. In the dungeons the music ranges from cheesy metal to somewhat listenable metal. However, songs are often followed by inexplicably long pauses with no music and then the music will suddenly start up again. The monsters in the dungeons emit suitably spooky growls and groans. Are these couple OK elements enough to redeem this bad game? Unfortunately, no, overall it’s just not very good. To call this game a Diablo clone would be doing injustice to Diablo–instead, Dark Angel is more like a poor imitation of a third-rate Diablo clone.

Rating: 1 / 5

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