DEATH KNIGHTS OF KRYNN: A Dragonlance Fantasy Role-Playing Epic, Vol. II

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  • Vintage PC Game: Sequel to CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN
  • New spells include Restoration, Resurrection, Otto’s Irresistable Dance, Power Word Blind, Mass charm and two spells totally new to the AD&D game world — Fire Touch and Iron Skin!
  • Characters begin at 8th level and can advance up to 14th level (18th level for Thieves)
  • New monsters include Flesh Golems, the Wyndlass, the Hatori, Dread Wolves and Death Dragons

Product Description
Lord Soth has thrown down the gauntlet of challenge…a challenge that you are oath-bound to accept. It has been but one short year since the Champions of Krynn claimed victory of the massed forces of evil. Now, the Lord of the Death Knights, Soth himself, is preparing to wreak havoc in an eruption of evil such as Krynn has never witnessed. As members of the Special Solamnic Order of the Champions of Krynn, you and your party stand as the only force capable of answe… More >>

DEATH KNIGHTS OF KRYNN: A Dragonlance Fantasy Role-Playing Epic, Vol. II

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The second in a 3 part RPG trilogy, Death Knights of Krynn picks up where the Champions of Krynn left off, this time with the mission being to stop Lord Soth and his undead army. One great aspect of this game is the ability to transfer over your entire group of characters, weapons/spells/currency intact, from the first game. The play follows the same basic setup as the original, with a similar style of combat/movement (much smoother though, especially the combat graphics), and a more intricate plot with more subplots/side missions. As always, there’s many chances to buff up your party and add levels/magical items, and once you get the hang of the game, it’s highly addictive. Again, for the time the graphics weren’t bad, but still nothing special. The real fun is being able to continue to develop your party, and advance through the different stages of the game. All told, a fun game, and one that’s still enjoyable today if you can tolerate less than impressive graphics. I most also comment that the most irritating part of the game is SSI’s continued insistence on using journal keywords as passwords for loading the game. It gets old, but really doesn’t disrupt the flow of the game.

Rating: 4 / 5

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