Deus Ex: Invisible War

Posted by staff | Posted in Role Playing | Posted on 19-12-2010


  • Action-packed first-person cyberpunk thriller with intense shooter and role-playing elements
  • Go anywhere, do anything–the game adapts to the player’s play-style and strategy
  • Tools and biomods enable the player to see through walls, run faster than cars, leap 40 feet in the air, and more
  • A new benchmark for graphics, sound and physics

Product Description
Sequel to the mega award winning DEUS EX 30+ Game of the Year AwardsProduct InformationIt is twenty years since the end of the global conspiracy depicted in Deus Ex. In the aftermath a catastrophic depression has crippled the world and warring corporate governments use terrorism as the primary tool to enforce their own violently destructive agendas. A few days before the start of Deus Ex: Invisible War Alex D is roused from sleep and rushed to a secret airfield to … More >>

Deus Ex: Invisible War

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