Eternal Ring

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  • Play the young magician Cain on a quest to find the ultimate magic ring in this exciting role-playing adventure
  • Fight numerous beasts and find ancient magical items supposedly buried long ago
  • Enhanced polygon graphics offer an excellent first-person perspective of a 3D world filled with giant dragons and enemies
  • Features real-time atmospheric effects like time of day and weather

Product Description
Who Said Fantasies Had To Be Final? A Young Magician Is Sent By His King To Investigate The Strange Happenings On The Island Of No Return – An Island Inhabited By Numerous Beasts And Enormous Dragons That Were Supposed To Have Died Long Ago. Armed With His Sword And His Natural Talent As A Sorcerer Cain Attempts To Be The First Person To Return From The Island Alive. as Cain You Must Solve Several Baffling Scenarios Whilst Keeping Your Hide Intact In Your Search For… More >>

Eternal Ring

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I’m a huge RPG fan, and got this immediately for the PS2. You are Cain, son of a noble father who wishes to help the King. A typical beginning, and unfortunately the first-person shooter graphics are also of Playstation-One quality, hardly taking advantage of the speed and power of the PS2.

The cut scenes are uninspiring, with mouths moving much longer than it takes to get through the text. The monsters, like tadpoles and wasps, will drop water gems and feather gems for you to collect. The graphics are reasonable, but not up to some of the other PS2 game levels. Really, though, what you seek are the rings.

There are tons of rings in the game, and by equipping combinations of them you can create yourself a great number of spells or powers. Gameplay in this sense is quite intriguing – you can easily get caught up in gathering rings, figuring out which items work best for your style of gameplay, and fight to the end. Combat is reasonably interesting.

In general, though, I play RPG and action games not just to shoot hordes of monsters, but to really get involved with the characters. I just can’t care about Cain – he has no personality, and it often seems like just a dungeon crawl (i.e. killing anything in your path) instead of a real game. I think they might have rushed this one to get out in time for the PS2 release, and hope that their next release will spend more time in development.
Rating: 3 / 5

Personally I don’t see why all you computer geek jerks have to rate a game lousy because it isn’t what you would call Shenmue or Final Fantasy. For regular people like me, a game like this is just perfect if you’re in a good mood and if you like to get hooked on things. I bought this game at a store for 29.99 and I was proud to add this one to my Playstation 2 archive of games. This game has some of the most creative concepts of an RPG that I have ever seen. Characters have smooth movements and detailed bodies. Backgrounds aren’t the best I’ve ever seen, but they are good. The game runs on a steady 60 frames per second. Sure, it needs analog control, but other than that, it is very fun to play and the controls are easy to learn. The puzzles are somewhat obvious but they are still fun to figure out. If you still don’t want to spend the money on this game just yet, rent it first. See if you like it. If you don’t, then that’s okay. Just don’t be a snotty jackass about it.
Rating: 4 / 5

I was not going to write a reviewbecause the reviews of some ofthe other reviewers were on target.This game was pretty well thoughtout. If you enjoyed the Kings fieldseries, then you would definitleyenjoy this game. The sealed Labyrinth toward the end of the game provides added thrill and challenge, as you seek to obtainthe AWESOME eternal sword, andspecial unique secret rings thatreally add blossoming effect toyour power and attribute. Thelimited imperfections are really not worth noting. I hope Amazonwill be selling “Kings field IV-The Ancient City” expected out forPlaystation 2 at the end of March.After reading a review of thissoon to become available title,There is much anticipation, especially after completing thisenjoyable eternal ring Quest.
Rating: 5 / 5

if i could’ve given this game 2.5 stars, i would have, because i feel like that’s the perfect rating for it: 50%, average, middle of the road, etc… i went ahead and gave it three stars because of it’s teen rating, i think i would’ve loved this game when i was 14 or so.

i’ve always loved action rpgs, and this game had some elements that i really enjoyed. i particularly liked the ring making process; i loved throwing some stones together with a ring and sayin’, “hm… i wonder what this’ll do…”. however, the “action” portion of the game was lacking a bit; sword use and animation was rather dull, while the spell casting was a little bit more fancy. and, though they would’ve been way better as analog, the digital controls were very easy to get used to.

also, one of my favorite parts of most actions rpgs is the puzzles, and this game was severely lacking in that category, with most things being so blatently obvious that i spent a lot of time tryig to figure out what the real puzzle was, only to find out that there was none.

the graphics, contrary to what others might say, are better than PSOne, but they’re not as good as other PS2 offerings (for example, unreal tournament) and the backgrounds are indeed very repetative. but the motion was super smooth, never a flicker, no matter how many things were attacking me at once.

i am not one who generally cares too much about the story of the games so much as the gameplay itself, but for those of you who enjoy a robust storyline in your rpgs, this title is pretty much not for you. the story is vague and only really touches on the game occaisionally… at least that’s the way i felt about it…

the game itself was altogether too short (in saying that i guess i show that i did like the game), i couldn’t believe it was over when it ended. but while it lasted i did enjoy playing it; it wasn’t awfully hard, it wasn’t a perfect piece of cake, but it was a fairly fun way to spend a couple of nights on the PS2.

since you can easily beat it in a few nights worth of dedicated play, and there’s almost no replay value, i say rent this over a three day weekend and go buy unreal tournament with the rest of your money.
Rating: 3 / 5

This was one of the first generation PS2 games on its release. Its a first-person RPG where you create rings of magic for different spells and buffs. If you’re into games like Kings Field and Elder Scrolls, you will most likely enjoy this game. Its pretty straight forward and there are a ton of spells to create. Definately a great underrated game!
Rating: 4 / 5

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