Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

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  • Players can continue to enjoy the game even after completing the main adventure, as the New Game+ feature provides increased difficulty and better items with every new round.
  • Play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone via compatibility with the DS version. Multiplayer connectivity reaches new heights in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, where players can team up or compete with friends and players around the world.
  • The intuitive control scheme introduced in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates returns, now adapted to Wii for double the action.
  • Players can switch between single and multiplayer modes at any time while playing, enjoying two great gaming options in one integrated experience.
  • A personalized hero can be generated from a choice of the four familiar races of the series; Clavats, Lilties, Selkies or Yukes. Players joining from the Wii can also introduce their Miis to the world of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Product Description
A triumphant return from a monster-infested forest marks the completion of the 16-year-old hero’s coming-of-age ceremony. However, the hero’s joy is short-lived as a young village girl is found to be afflicted by a mysterious illness known as “crystal sickness.” Determined to obtain the cure, the hero steps out of the secluded village for the first time, only to discover a world in which crystals are merely artifacts of the past and no longer exist? Pro… More >>

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

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I knew this was going to be a port of the DS game. I saw the screenies ( insert pun, here… ) showing top and bottom DS screens side-by-side, I just kind of assumed Square Enix would put in an option to fill the TV screen with one of them, and maybe a button to shuffle between them. No such luck. The best you can do is adjust the sizes, slightly, and juxtapose them. Bad news for gamers with ancient eyes, and smaller TVs, like me.

I like this game a lot. I like the quest system, the magic system, the upgrading, and crafting. While I usually do my multiplayer RPGing on my PC, I was eagerly awaiting a chance to do something similar, on the Wii. This may be where I was let down most of all.

I’ve played a number of online games now, enough to see a pattern of delayed response time, even with just myself and one other player. It’s not major, but it’s enough to make walking across narrow ledges a chore. Worst of all, it componds another problem…

Controls are simple, but everything else, inventory, status, and worst of all, quick chat, is meant to be accessed by touch on the DS. Here, you must ‘point and click’, for lack of a better term, and it takes precious time to do so. Offline, it’s fairly do-able. Online, it just slows things down, and this game plays fast. Too fast for such an interface.

I can see how this game would shine on the DS. By the same token, there’s really nothing like it on the consoles. You just have to know what you’re getting. As I said, I do like the game. It is a lot of fun. It’s just that I expected a little more work from Square. If this were an Atlus product… or better yet, something closer to a Phantasy Star Online… A guy can dream, right?

Recommended, but with reservations.

Rating: 3 / 5

I’ve heard this may be a good game for the DS. It is, in fact, made for a DS and NOT FOR THE WII. It is a waste of money for the Wii. The graphics should be on a screen that’s about two inches – put them on a big screen they are pixalated and just plain terrible. It is presented as a “dual” screen – the action screen and the map on at the same time – you cannot turn one off to get a bigger screen. Both screens are hard to see with terrible, terrible graphics. The old original playstations had better graphics than this clunker.

The controls were made for DS touchscreen – trying to do it on the Wii is a exercise in futility. None of the controls are made for the Wii’s motion sensing. You have to hook up the nunchuck to move and often there will be things that are impossible to do without a touchscreen (which a Wii does not have). As a Final Fantasy avid fan – I am very disappointed. Indeed, with the money I threw away on this game, I may not buy another of their titles. If I could give it negative stars I would.
Rating: 1 / 5

why?…. WHY THE HELL did they make the screen size the same ratio/shape/size as the ds. it looks like this was only ported over. now what am i going to do. i guess i will play it, after all it is ff, but man that’s annoying its like playing a computer game in non-full or maximized form. aka in a little window that covers half the screen. and the background a constant yellow. oh a did i mention that the menu is ALWAYS open such a in a 2 screen ds version. it takes the other 1/4 of the screen. yes that’s right you play with 1/4 or your screen the other 1/2 is a solid yellow background. i only played about 10mins into it so far, but i haven’t seen head or tails of artifacts yet, which were the best part of the gc version. oh and multiple ds’s for multiplier are gonna be dam expensive. [...].

oh almost forgot the graphics are very very poor. worse than the GC version. it looks like a ff tactics game. you can see the invisible grid, ya its annoying STAY CLEAR OF THIS GAME.
Rating: 3 / 5

I actually have really enjoyed this game. It has its pros and cons, but overall I think that it is very fun. I’m not a huge gamer (the only other FF game I’ve played is FF3 for the SNES), so maybe I have lower expectations than some people. I’ve played about 10 hours into the game, and here are my opinions on the pros and cons:


Fun story line, easy to learn controls, side quests are fun, customizable weapons, online multiplayer


Sometimes the AI characters are idiots (repeatedly jump into a chasm, for example), the magic can be hard to aim at first, some things are a bit too easy, though I think there are harder difficulties once you’ve finished the game

In response to the complaints that others have had about the game:

The “playable” screen size can be increased to about 3/4 of your tv, which I find is plenty. It’s pretty easy to switch between the screens, though I only find it necessary to do that when I’m in the town buying weapons etc. The graphics aren’t amazing, but they aren’t as pixilated as people have implied (or maybe I just don’t have a big enough TV to see that). I tried the online multiplayer and it was fun. I didn’t notice it being too slow, but it was hard to talk to the other players since you only have a limited amount of customizable phrases. The controls don’t take full advantage of the wii’s motion sensing, but a lot of games don’t (Brawl, for example). I guess it would be fun if you could swing the remote to attack like in Zelda, but honestly, I don’t think it would add much (it didn’t really in Zelda at least since it was just wild waving). I’m not sure what people are referring to when they say they can’t do things because it is not touch screen as I’ve not had that problem at all.

Overall, I think this game is very fun. It plays similarly to Twilight Princess since it has dungeons with puzzles(usually not too difficult) and a big boss at the end. Once you get used to the average graphics and the dual screen it will be a lot of fun.
Rating: 4 / 5

When I first realized there was a new FF:CC game out, I immediately rushed out to my local video game chain store to see if they had it in stock. They had both the Wii and DS versions, and since I own both, I figured I’d take advantage of my Wii since it’d probably be better. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

First of all, if you don’t have a big-screen TV (more than 32″ at least), DO NOT BOTHER unless you’re playing within two or three feet of the TV and/or have magnifying capabilities. This game is DEFINITELY a hack-job DS port. As many others have mentioned, it fills a small portion of the screen, leaving the rest with an ugly, ugly background – it’s very reminiscent of playing a Game Boy game on the Super NES via the Super Game Boy for those old enough to remember them.

I played for about an hour, struggling through tiny text the whole way through before I just got sick of it. The resulting headache didn’t help either. I have a 27″ standard-definition TV that sits about 8′ from my couch. This position works great for every other Wii game I have, as well as all my other consoles. With this game I had to sit in front of the coffee table (about 3′ away from the screen) to even read the text. The constant zooming in/out of the two screens was annoying as well. If there was an option to hide one of the screens and make the other full-screen (like a more traditional game), it would’ve worked well.

To make an already long story short, I returned the game and exchanged it for the DS version. I played a little further into the game, and… I’m still disappointed. It’s a very cookie-cutter game. The story is less than engaging. I was expecting an engaging experience on par with the prior FF:CC release, Rings of Fate. I couldn’t put that game down!

In short, save your money. Buy a more interesting game, like “Grass Growing 2009″ or “Extreme Paint Drying”.
Rating: 1 / 5

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