.Hack: G.U., Vol. 2 – Reminisce

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  • New Fighting Mechanics– Change weapons on the fly when fighting as Haseo Upgraded Battle system- Utilize a new “Awakening” power, and master new fighting styles added to Avatar Battles!
  • More Exciting Fisticuffs – Compete in the second tier of the Arena Battles to become the Holy Palace Emperor, and fight in more Avatar Battles!
  • Crimson VS Card Game – Assemble the perfect deck and play the new Crimson VS Card Game!
  • Steam Bike – Earn items by completing Steam Bike Missions and customize your Steam Bike!
  • Make New Friends – New potential party members added to your roster, so you can hunt monsters with more of your favorite characters!

Product Description
The second installment of the exciting .hack//G.U. trilogy immerses players back in “The World”. What if your actions in a game changed the course of your reality? What is reality? .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce challenges players to ponder these questions, while delivering an epic Action-RPG experience. .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce picks up where players left off at the exhilarating conclusion of .hack//G.U. Vol. 1. After defeating the mysterious Tri-Edge, H… More >>

.Hack: G.U., Vol. 2 – Reminisce

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dot Hack has redefined RPG gaming by pitting players in an MMO simulation. The first four games were great, each title adding to the storyline. Think of it like getting a booster pack from a new set. Each set or game brings in new monsters, items, characters and storyline. But once you beat the game, it’s not over, there are still tons of things left to do to bide the time until Part 3 comes out! Definitely a must play, just a shame that these games tend to fall under the radar!

A note to all the bad reviews this game has received from magazines. No, this game is not Halo, World of Warcraft, Gears of War or Zelda. That does not mean it is a bad game (GameInformer, I’m talking to you). Any gamer who has actually played the dot Hack series has loved it, which only leads me to conclude that the folks at these game magazines have not actually played the game, or at least did not play it very far. Dot Hack is anything but repetitive. Granted the levels are generated, the actual storyline is far from repetitive. Dark Cloud was another game with levels that were generated, and that game was awesome too! Just because the dungeons are not manually designed does not make this a bad game.

Rating: 5 / 5

Sometimes I wonder if the reason I continue to love the .hack games is that they were among the very first rpg’s that I played when I got my PS2. In retrospect the first series was more than a bit repetitive and would never meet today’s graphic standards. But they were addictive, and had one of those odd story lines that kept you coming back to find out more. And now here’s the new series, already up to volume 2 in the US and I’m just as caught up in them even though they have some of the same faults that the original series has.

Graphics are much better, thank God. Not up to take your breath away CGI standards, but more carefully illustrated, with better animation. More scenery to look at, but fewer monsters. This last is a bit of a sticking point. There are 146 or so different monsters between the first two games in the G.U. series, but many are replays of each other. And at any given level only a few will show up. Keep in mind that there is a lot of fighting in this game. It gets a bit repetitious.

What keeps the main game rolling is the story line, which is much less fragmentary than the original series. Haseo is the lead male, and in the first game he is hard to like. But he develops quite a bit by Reminisce, we come to understand him better and recognize the hero hiding under all the brusque attitude. Atoli is the female lead, but the feelings between them are complicated, and several other females show interest in Haseo. Atoli herself has another interest and this complicated interplay is the key dynamic that keeps the story spellbinding, with more than a few moments of great drama.

One of .hack’s weaknesses is the repetitiveness of leveling battles. They play well, but are simple to manage. And don’t look for any great variety of monsters. And yes, you do need to level up. If you don’t take yourself up to level 100 in this game you’ll have to do that anyway in the next (and final) episode. You may as well get it over with. Personally, I found the avatar fights hard to work with and the source of some frustration. And arena fighting is more important in Reminisce, but you get to do very little of it. The side quests are standard .hack fare, the usual races and completion tasks that make the leveling up effort more interesting.

On the whole I would rate Reminisce as the best in either series up to now. It has a real, and often surprising, plot with very solid characters. These are people you can feel something about with a nice mix of comedy and tragedy. I will no doubt play it through again before volume three makes its appearance.
Rating: 5 / 5

.hack//Gu volume 2 Reminisce is simply an amazing role-playing game for the play station 2 and is defiantly one of the systems best games bar none.

While some people complain that Rpgs stories are clichéd and overdone but .hack is nether of those with one of the most original and gripping story’s I’ve even seen anywhere let alone a video game. Below is just a small sample of what the game is about.

Something is happening in the online game “the world” that is causing characters to vanish and their players to fall into comas. Artificially intelligent data anomalies or A.I.D.A keep showing up and causing trouble. Is there a connection between these two mysterious? Can anything be done to save the lost ones? Only you Haseo can find the truth.

From Haseo to Atoli to Khun there is a character for everybody to like, heck you’d probally have trouble NOT liking all of them like I do, even the more goofy ones like Prios the third and Gaspard.

If you like rgps and or action adventure games, .hack//Gu Vol 2 is a game you just simple can’t miss. In my opinion it’s even better then the likes of Kingdom hearts 2 and Final fantasy 12.

Rating: 5 / 5

The second installment of the G.U. series is out, with all new improvements! Reminisce takes every excellent part of the first game formula and amplifies it. With a deepened storyline, more intense battles thanks to Weapon Change, bike custimization, new missions and areas, you’ll find it pretty hard to become bored of this quickly! Even though the game may play short, and looks a tad inferior in the graphics department, it shouldn’t cause any second opinons. If you already own the first, nothing should stop you on getting this. If you don’t, you are sure to enjoy this game just as much.
Rating: 4 / 5

The .hack series continues to amaze. I rarely commit myself to a series but .hack stands above most others. I have invested in the games, anime DVDs, books, and manga. I consider all a wise investment. .hack//G.U. Vol.2//Reminisce continues the great legacy. The G.U. games improved upon many elements from the previous four games and Vol.2 takes it a step further over Vol.1. Changing weapons on the fly, a new awakening skill, customizable steam bike, etc. It’s all goes towards a fantastic game that will keep you begging for more until Vol.3 is released. The game picks up where Rebirth ended, after one of the series greatest cliffhangers. With the addition of new characters which can be added to the group, the story expands even further. Combat strategy grows more complex with the addition of a new weapon type for Haseo, the main character in the series. Further guild dynamics add more depth to your experience. With all these elements added together, .hack//G.U. Vol.2//Reminisce delivers on every angle, including the storyline. As you find more of the Epitaph Users, what does their fate hold for `The World’? What is AIDA and its connection to certain players? Who is Tri-Edge? What secrets do Ovan hold? Step into `The World’ of .hack and experience this unique and engaging series at it’s peak.
Rating: 5 / 5

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