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  • Hexyz Force features the option to load the UMD supplied game directly on to the memory card of your PSP, virtually eliminating load time between game events
  • Play as two characters, Cecilia, a young cleric, or as Levant, an elite knight, as they unravel the mysteries of their world?s impending destruction
  • Game features an estimated 50 hours of engaging RPG play
  • Adventure comes alive with 20 minutes of anime movie cutscenes depicting the struggle of creation versus destruction. Events unfold inside a huge and colorful 3D world, amplified by detailed characters and a sweeping musical score
  • Hexyz Force features classic turn-based RPG party combat action

Product Description
Built from the ground up to take full advantage of the power of PSP system, extensively optimized to deliver virtually nonexistent load times, and boasting some of the most polished visuals and sounds found to date in a handheld RPG, Hexyz Force is the consummate gamer’s game. It also stands as one of the most narrative‐driven portable RPGs of all‐time, giving users not one, but two separate campaigns to embark upon.Amazon.com Product Description
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Hexyz Force

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This is a wonderful RPG, not the best, but a great addition to the PSP for RPGs. There are Two Stories, that are two sides of one big story. There is also a feature with the R button, that allows you to speed up battle, for when all you want to do is keep going, it comes in handy. It can also be used to skip dialog, for those who have already been there done that, read that, its a good way to skip through. I have a habit of not saving sometimes, and so if I die and don’t wish to go through all that dialog again, then R button is a good feature. You can also press Square and go back on some of that dialog if you skipped to far. Also you are able to lvl up your main weapons or Raganfacts as the game calls them, increasing the spells they have, as well as strength and such using Force Points that you earn from battle. Force Points are also used for activating certain devices as well as healing your characters if you HP is low. Beating the game also unlocks other features, such as Hard Mode and other bonuses.

You can also install the game to your memory stick, making load times fast, almost no load times between places.

The story is entertaining and amusing, and the sound track is good, and graphics are pretty decent of a PSP rpg title. Its available for Download at the PSN Store as well. My only gripe with the download version, is there is no manual to read for it. UMD is the way to go if you want the manual, otherwise the game does have in game tutorials to help you understand the game mechanics, and even then the game play is kept simple. The only other gripe I have is the occasional Freeze, which seems to only happen when I try to collect the Necro Spells. Otherwise I have never had it freeze for anything else. Aside the minor flaws, your should definitely consider this game for your RPG Collection.
Rating: 4 / 5

thank god PSP came out with a new RPG. I was getting sick of getting everything for DS. Anyway, this is a must have. Super fun game, lots of customizing. the tuterials are a bit confusing, though worth reading. Though seriously, if you just play through the game, its all really easy to pick up. Its turn based, wiht is fun in its own right, and the story is pretty interesting. The voice overs a pretty decent and the dialog is funny. Over all this is a really great game and worth playing with the lights out and just losing yourself in the story.
Rating: 5 / 5

I come from an era where the majority of RPG’s were original. It wasn’t about who had the best graphics, it was about gameplay and storyline, especially storyline.. I can’t stress that enough. Growing up in the 90’s I was hooked on RPG’s..

I’ve been playing a lot of Atlus games lately, and Hexyz Force is by far the best I’ve played, next to Crimson Gem Saga. The story is really good, once you get into it you’re hooked and there’s not turning back. The gameplay is wonderful and the graphics are smooth bringing back a nostalgic PSX RPG feel.

I’ve taken notice and would like to be the person that says Atlus is basically picking up where Squaresoft left off so many years ago.. There was something magical about RPG’s in the 90’s to late 90’s. If you’re a fan of old-school RPG’s like myself, then pick up Hexyz Force. I highly recommend it.
Rating: 5 / 5

I was looking for a great RPG to quench my thirst after Lunar Silver Star, and Hexyz seems to do the trick. The game allows you install the game to the memory stick, albeit not all the game but enough to make load times virtually non-existent. This is a turn based game, which is about the only kind of RPG I play, I can’t stand the strange battle systems that they’re coming out with these days. However, the battles incorporate range into the system, which spices it up a bit. Also, during the battles, if you press the R shoulder, it speeds everything up. The graphics are great, load times quick, and the battle system is great. If you can’t get it from Amazon, it’s on the PSN ready for your money.
Rating: 5 / 5

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