Kingdom of Paradise

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  • Create your own martial arts style by combining more than 150 skills, yielding countless combinations.
  • Easy to control with simple one-button operation, unleashing deadly sword actions.
  • Download new shields, skills and a sword via Infrastructure Mode to develop your swordsmanship skills.
  • Show off and exchange your skills with wireless connectivity using AdHoc mode.
  • Expand your arsenal of moves by finding and collecting various skills as you progress.

Product Description
Product Information300 years ago 5 martial clans peacefully ruled Ohka the center of the knownworld. In an attempt to gain total supremacy the Kirin clan brutally attackedthe 4 other martial clans to secure the Divine Swords the symbols of absolutepower. A young warrior named Shinbu along with a girl named Suirin are theonly survivors of their clan. Set in a vast living world players will learn tomaster five styles of martial arts * explore active environments in a … More >>

Kingdom of Paradise

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