Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

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  • Demolish and interact with everything in your path. Pummel your enemies by launching crushed cars, lampposts, machinery and anything else you can pick up in your way.
  • Create and customize your ultimate team. Assemble your dream team from the Marvel Universe and select from over 24 playable characters, each with specialized powers.
  • Cooperate with your ultimate alliance. Take full advantage of the Marvel Universe by playing Cooperative Mode with up to four friends, both online and offline.
  • Pick a side in the ultimate ideological rift that could yield irreparable consequences for the Super Hero community! Support the pro-registration side and defend national security, or choose to be anti-registration and fight for personal liberties.
  • Combine Super Hero powers for devastating results. Team up with Human Torch and Thor to create a spectacular fiery tornado. Over 250 unique fusions arm you with an unimaginable arsenal for unprecedented battles.

Product Description
The Largest Army of Super Heroes is Back! The highly anticipated sequel to 2006’s Marvel:Ultimate Alliance—heralded as the best Marvel Super Hero game of all time, and selling more than 4 million units worldwide—is finally here with Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. Inspired by the acclaimed Marvel Civil War storyline, this action-RPG delivers once again on a colossal cast of characters, thrilling gameplay and impassioned alliances. This next-gen gaming experience… More >>

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

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What new buyers may not know is that Activision has removed and canceled their DLC support as well as terminated (allegedly are moving) their online servers for this game.

No. 1 the DLC. Activision released this statment:

“The Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Downloadable Content was a limited time offer, expiring on December 31, 2009.”

What this means is that their DLC packs featuring Juggernaut, Psylocke, Magneto, Carnage, Black Panther, and Cable are no longer available.

What’s worse is that people who have downloaded these characters before will not be able to join you online because you would need a patch downloaded by Activision to join their missions, however Activision has also removed that patch which they do not host anymore.

So whoever buys the game now, cannot only download the extra characters mentioned above, they cannot also play alongside players who already own them.

To add insult to injury, Activision added Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophy Support for the 6 characters above, but since you won’t be able to download those characters, you will be stuck at 1000 out of a possible 1250 achievement fulfillment.

However, Activision’s statement above was also a lie. The DLC mentioned above was released in November of 2009. Activision released this statement on January 6th, a whole week AFTER the service had already been canceled. Meaning, there was no consumer warning about this at all for their loyal fans. Also, the content was removed at least a week before the 12-31-2009 date they stated. I checked on 12-26-2009 after I had received some points for Christmas the day before, and it was no longer there. Some people on Activision’s message boards have said that it wasn’t already available even before Christmas.

The online servers are currently down but said to be temporary as they are trying to move it to another server. With what’s been going on right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Activision just continues to axe its fans, and this too was just later canceled.

Activision has dropped the ball on this game big time. Just Google this mess, and you will see for yourself.

Rating: 2 / 5

I typically am a FPS guy, but I LOVE MARVEL. One of my favorite games of this generation is MUA. I’ve played through it about 6 times and unlocked and collected every possible item. MUA had tremendous variety as it followed a story created specifically for the game that allowed to introduce a hodge podge of characters in different locals.I had super high expectations for MUA2. I can’t say that I’m dissapointed, but I don’t think it’s as good as it’s predecessor.

I’ll start with the presentation. The characters look great. The specialty “fusion” moves also look awesome and allow for some moments that will remind you of battles straight out of the comics. The environments on the other hand are really bland. The nature of the game, a level grinder, means you have to see a lot of the same enemies. MUA had you traversing all over the Marvel universe, so each level had a fresh look. You can’t really plan on battles in space when most of the story takes place in an urban environment. The cut scenes are okay. Some are terrible, some are pretty cool, nothing on par with Square Enix to drop your jaw.

The gameplay is similar to MUA with the exception of the commands and fusion moves. You can no longer direct your heroes into battle, which means they do a lot of following you around. I can’t remember a teamate disabling a shield or taking the initiative to attack enemies that were surrounding me. At times they were practically useless. I played through twice, once on casual (easy) with my yongest son and once on difficult. On the higher difficulty level, there were times I wanted to chuck my controller because the teamates stood around and watched me die. Another new touch that I like is being able to swap squadmembers on the fly. As long as they are not dead, you can switch out, so if you really want Storm and Iceman’s fusion for a paticular level, put them in. If heavy hitters are working, grab Luke Cage and Thing. Several characters are locked throughout depending on wich side you choose, so playing through twice is a must. That really adds to the replay value because you do get some differnt boss battle and looks at the levels.

I didn’t play online, but I did play with 3 players at home. Although it was easier having human teamates, there are times where it is nearly impossible to tell where your character is. Perhaps the game deserves credit for truly epic battles, but some of the boss battles are very dissorienting. The camera also doesn’t pan far enough back and will warp you, a la Nightcrawler, to your squad. Unfortunately it will leave you open to attack or move you away from a supervillian you may have been attacking. Very frustrating.

I was also dissapointed in the unlockables. The number of characters is smaller. The are fewer costumes to unlock and they are purely cosmetic this time around. I’ve read the articles on IGN regarding the mountains of NPC’s in the game (Non Playable Characters). In MUA, if you ran into someone, chances were pretty good that you were going not just going to play them, but unlock and upgrading two or more costumes with differnt abilities. Not so this time around. Obviously there are plans for downloadable content. The great thing about MUA2 is that it is REALLY fun. If Activision decides to release episodic DLC, MUA2 could have a long life span. Who wouldn’t want to play Secret Invasion or World War Hulk? The game engine is there to make it happen. If it ends up being ten or fifteen dollars for a costume pack or three bucks for a new character, MUA2 will find its way to the shelf.

Ultimately, MUA2 is missing the variety, upgrading and customization of MUA. It feels like it took a step back away from RPG territory and more into brawler territory. It is a lot of fun to play, if not more stripped down. The DLC will end up being the key to how good MUA2 ends up being.

Rating: 3 / 5

I pre-orderd and took home both the XBOX 360 and Wii versions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

We’ll get one thing right off the bat. In terms of comparing to the original MUA game, graphics and gameplay-wise, the Wii version would be more akin to MUA v1.5 (whereas the 360 and PS3 version make use of the improved engine).

Both versions have done away with the skill trees, and now each character has only 4 activated abilities, and a host of more passive abilities. On the 360, these are channeled by holding in the Right-Trigger and pressing A, B, X, or Y. On the Wii, these are performed by simply pressing Up, Down, Left, or Right on the D-Pad (Wii Remote).

Both versions go through pretty much the same story line, but the Wii version has a few different/modified levels. The essence of the plot is the same.

For some of the Fusions and boss battles, we found it tricky sometimes to point the Targeted Fusions and make heads or tails of “where am I” during multiplayer on the 360 version since the angle is brought a little lower to try to show off the very crisp and fine HD graphics we all know and love. The Wii version for the most part retains the top-down view of the original MUA (as it seems to be running on the same engine), and Targeted Fusions are performed effortlessly by aiming at the screen with the Wii Remote (game play will “bullet-time” slo-mo while you aim the on-screen cursor, the aiming on the 360 is done in realtime).

The XBOX 360 version (along with PS3) has online multiplayer support, but the Wii version is local-only. There is a feature to send messages to Wii Friends with your scores on levels for them to try to beat, but I don’t find it too useful. (I’d much have them over playing multiplayer anyways).

Some of the changes the Wii version has from it’s previous installment: in addition to now using powers with the D-Pad, changing characters is now done with the “+” and “-” buttons. Pausing is now done with the “2″ button. For a much beloved change over the original, you must now hold down “1″ while manipulating the remote to change camera, instead of it moving automatically (which from personal experience used to be a big problem with four people playing).

For Solo play and online multiplayer, the XBOX 360 (and PS3) versions can’t be beat. You will enjoy the epic storyline with MUCH improved graphics over the original game, and online play works great when friends don’t feel like leaving the house. That being said, despite lacking any sort of online play, the Wii version just “feels” more like a Multiplayer experience than the HD counterparts. During multiplayer on the 360 version I had to put up with not-so-patient teammates edging us to move forward and blow stuff up while I tried to take in the beauty of the game. I didn’t have much luck with that. The Wii version has a less intrusive camera during boss fights (it’s not trying to show off the graphics or anything), and the aiming mechanism works perfectly with the Wii Remote. I did not play the original MUA on the 360 so I can not compare the controls, but they did not seem as “intuitive” as I was expecting (though that can probably just be blamed on how the L and R buttons are set up on the 360 controller, I much prefer their setup on the Playstation 3 controllers). In short I find ourselves playing through the Wii version when friends come over, and playing the 360 version solo once everyone takes off (now I get to enjoy the scenery!).

My final analysis:

Friends that don’t like to visit, solo play = HD versions.

Gamer buddies getting together to blow stuff up = Wii.
Rating: 4 / 5

I really wanted to love this game. After playing Batman, I really really wanted to love this game. But…after putting about 6 hrs worth of work, I like it. MUA II is pretty much the same game we have played since X Men Legends for PS2. That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing but after 6 years and four games, the formula hasn’t changed all that much. So this time around for all of you Marvel-heads that have kept up, teh Civil War story line gets played out in this game and so far with very little deviation it plays pretty closely to the storyline and that is a big plus for this game so no worries there.

What I would really advise (and the game does this as well) is once you reach the point where you have to choose sides, save your game because for those of you who choose to go back and play as the opposing side of your choice would probably not want to go back and grind out from the beginning to reach that point.

For many of you that already know about the split and other minutiae of the game I won’t bore you with what you all already know. But, how does it play? Well, if you played the other 3 then it’s pretty much the same fare. Choose your teams and go for broke. Most of you already know about the cusomizations that you can do for your characters but what about the Fusions? it’s really the only new thing that Activision added in this year and some are pretty cool and some are forgettable. So far, I have seen 3 different types of fusions and they work as follows:

Guided – means you guide your Fusion to the target(s)

Clear – A wide angle fusion which clears out an area of baddies

Targeted – a fusion that hits a target that you specify.

What I did notice is that while some are indeed unique, there are some that are the same no matter which combos you use. Example: Gambit fused with either Juggernaut, Luke Cage or the Thing give the same fusions. Beyond that however, at least you don’t have to learn an impossible button combo to execute. Just make sure you are using the right ones for the job especially boss fights.

The boss fights are a bit more fun this time around as in some cases you have to really use your head instead of jumping straight in pounding away and getting beaten in the process. I would say out of the four bosses I have encounted (I chose Anti Reg BTW) von Bardas and Bishop’s fights were satisfying.

One more upside is that the graphics have improved quite a bit BUT…camera angles still suck and it’s quite easy to lose sight of where you are in a mob. This is something I was hoping addressed from the last version. One small item I did note was how they used the fonts from the comic which really added to the attactiveness to playing a game based on a comic story.

Another downside is that the voice acting is not great at all altho the lip synching has been fixed and some of the CGI cutscenes could have used a little more life to it. Not to mention there is one somewhat corny cameo by Stan Lee I think we could have done without. I am really waiting for the day they could take the CGI work from those scenes and use it IN the game…heh!

Also you would think that now games are doing full on voicework (like Mass Effect) with a lot of RPGs now, having simple boxes to pick from and no dialogue to accompany it is so last gen.

As far as sound effects, the game sounds really good and on a good surround system it’s incredible especially when you have characters like Juggernaut stomping around on screen.

Also this time around, the alternate costumes are mostly gone and you only get (so far as I have seen) one for each character and they don’t augment their ability like they did in the last game. I think this was a bad move and I hope Microsoft and Activision don’t try to nickel and dime fans by making it a paid ietm via DLC.

There is a lot of replayability to be had because of course you have 2 sides to play and also a lot of unlockable content so fans of this game will have many hours of play before they find everything and then of course multiplayer is included (something I plan on trying over the weekend) and is pretty much lag free and also allows players to jump in and out of games with ease.

Lastly, the big question: Is it better than Batman? No for 2 reasons.

For one, most of us know the story of the Civil War whereas the Batman story was an original creation.

Secondly, MUA II is a mostly been there and done that whereas Batman altho taking cues from Bioshock is a somewhat fresh concept on how the Batman game should be made, so IMO, it’s kind of hard to take a game with 4 iterations to date and rank it over a game that finally got the overhaul and new feel that it needed.

In the end, this is a no brainer for comic fans, Marvel fans specifically, but you may find yourselves really wanting more out of this and praying that if there is a Secret Invasion or Dark Reign game in the next few years, Activision simply won’t rehash this game.

Rating: 3 / 5

Basically, MUA 2 as it is called is a scaled back version of MUA 1 that does to a point deal with the Civil War but does not take actual advantage of the story line there and the potential(Or does pending on how you look at it) Now on to the good and bad(+/- section I do in video game reviews)

+ The graphics here once you get used to them can be considered cartoony

- The graphics are a step down from part one though and some of the heroes look ridiculous(Hulk, Thing, and Venom all look like versions of MODOK with the top of the bodies being huge and the bottom being small)

+ When you can switch the camera view it helps.

- It would have been more helpful if you could do it throughout the game.

+ The Line up of heroes is impressive especially if your a fan of the X-Men. In addition you get all the new heroes in(Bonus) Missions which are given to you in certain parts of the game

- Yeah, well there just went collecting Action Figures and Discs… also no Alternate Costumes or the ability to distrbutse stat points.. takes away the customization of your characters that was so popular in part one and to a point X-Men Legends series.

+ The Fusion system is fun and it’s nice to be able to revive your heroes whenever instead of having to wait or run back to the Shield Savepoint.

- The Fusion System takes place of Extreme Attacks… sometimes I wish I had those back instead.

+ The rewards your team (Boosts) earns throughout the game is cool and they can be upgraded.

- You lost alot of customization of your heroes for this system however… I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

+ The storyline is interesting and I’d have to say it leaves more of an impact than the first game… I enjoyed the Civil War Scenes best of all and how this actually plays out will make alot of people smile and say yes…. this is probably how it should have happened.(Well the ending I got from Anti Reg side anyway.)

- Unfortunately the Civil War is limited to about two or three chapters. Also… the story doesn’t take as much advantage of the Marvel U as the first game does. (No Atlantis or Asgard here)

+ This game is enjoyable with a friend.

- Notice the A FRIEND there…. (Only 2 players here folks)

Overall… I would say if you liked the series of games this represents here.. (X-Men Legends, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance or MUA as we call it) Even though I consider this a step down from the first game… I would say there is no reason to not add this to your collection. It’s still a good game.

Side Notes:

Whose Side are you on?? (The Difference it makes)

1. Pro Reg and Anti Reg get different awards once you choose a side.

2. You have to hack more computers in Anti Reg than in Pro Reg… and at least the first time through in Anti Reg you don’t have to actually hack the computers if you mess up so many times it will cause a system failure and you can proceed on.

3. There are indeed 2 different outcomes to the game pending on which side you choose.

4. I got more Awards in Anti Reg than Pro Reg… but more Upgrades in Pro Reg… Though this could be just from my experiance and actually very.

5. There is a group of 4 heroes per side you can’t play as for the Civil War Chapters.

If your Pro you can’t use:

Captain America


Luke Cage


If your Anti Reg you can’t use:

Iron Man

Ms. Marvel

Mister Fantastic


Everyone else will be availible to you.

Rating: 4 / 5

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