Master of the Monster Lair

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  • light hearted and accessible RPG great for young gamers
  • Local Wi Fi functionality for trading dungeon designs
  • great 3D graphics with colorful characters
  • design your own dungeon with 20 different rooms to attract monsters
  • It all begins with a talking shovel as you dig your dungeon and hunt the monsters

Product Description
The quiet town of South Arc is about to have some monster trouble. Foul creatures with serious attitude problems have infested nearby forests and are now slowly moving into the village. The townsfolk, fearful for their safety, do not even dare to leave their homes. Calls for help have gone unanswered, likely because every other town in the Kingdom is similarly troubled. As a young lad off in search of your calling, you stumble across a talking shovel. The verbose t… More >>

Master of the Monster Lair

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I write this review from the perspective of being a middle aged mom who loves the DS. I like a variety of games, particularly puzzle, simulation, and seek and solve. The only similar game I have played and loved was The World Ends With You by Square Enix—the other RPG’s or Dungeon Crawler type games I played being way more complicated then I could handle (or wanted to handle!).

I really love this game. The innovation is not in gameplay or technology itself but from the change to having you as a character build your own dungeon’s. This creates a bit of creativity, although it is not completely free form. The story is interesting but not overly so. The graphics are fine, nothing outstanding. Sound is again o.k. So why the 5 star review? Because the game is just plain fun. Crafting your own dungeon is a blast. Fighting monsters–all the better. Powering up your various abilities and getting sidekicks along the way– check! Although it can get repetitive there is always just one more room to place, one more floor to get through, and more things to buy/wear/eat to gain weapons/armour/Health and Magic points.

I think this is a very solid entry level RPG with some twists. Many dungeon crawler games are brutally hard. I myself don’t care much for them as I want to have fun with a game and my definition of fun is not spending hours being frustrated and being killed 80 times. For one of my friends that is the criteria and I am fairly certain he would not like this game. This would be an excellent first RPG for anyone about 10+ or a rather new to DS adult like myself. The controls work flawlessly and the dual screens on the DS are used–again nothing innovative like TWEWY but solid nonetheless.

Highly recommended inexpensive title that will provide you hours of fun!
Rating: 5 / 5

This game is SO FUN! I wasn’t expecting too much, but I’m very fond of dungeon building (a leftover form dungeon keeper), so I took a shot. This is actually very entertaining and a little challenging. Design your own dungeon! Fight and capture the monsters who move in! Collect items! So cool!

It does kind of feel a little intended-for-12-year-olds. Probably because it is. But I try not to let is distract me from stalking the dark dungeon interiors for phat loot.

Though, I swear, if Sora from KH and Laguna from RF had a love child, that kid is totally him.

Atlus games are ALWAYS AWESOME.
Rating: 5 / 5

This game is outstanding. The concept of the game is very novel and they pull it off well. They may bill this as a kiddy rpg, but I think any rpg fans could enjoy it.


Cute graphics

Simple controls

Great storyline

Unique way of ‘leveling’ your stats.


You can’t choose the name or gender of your hero.
Rating: 5 / 5

This has Been a great game, sort of like Dungeon Maker, but a little bit easier.
Rating: 4 / 5

ok so this game is kind of easy but the concept of creating your own dungeon is great! The game can get a bit repetitive, which can be annoying but other than that its fun. I consider myself to be a a serious rpg player and i like it. If they tweaked this game and expanded the story a bit it could be the among the greatest games ever made.

I got it much cheaper brand new somewhere else.. i cant say or they willnot post this heh heh. It was not online that i purchased it.
Rating: 5 / 5

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