My World My Way

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  • Alter the landscape – Different terrain options will open up different opportunities for new enemies and items, and give you power over your adventure
  • Pouting is power, and developing your selfishness is key to getting the Pout Points that will give you options to force the world to behave
  • Delight in the off-the-wall journey of a spoiled princess whose selfishness fuels her ability to successfully become an adventurer
  • Light-hearted RPG with feminine appeal
  • Easy to learn, addictive to master

Product Description
The World Revolves around you in the fun DS RPG! Elise is a beautiful princess who has been given everything she’s ever wanted… Except a handsome boyfriend. Only one young man catches Elise’s eye, and, as it turns out, he is no prince, but an adventurer. She confesses her desire to share in his exciting life… Only to be flat out rejected. He tells her, “Cast aside that frilly dress, and don a suit of armor. Gain some experience in battle, and when you have m… More >>

My World My Way

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