Myst III Exile

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  • In Myst III, two of Atrus’ sons have gone mad with power and are using the linking books for evil purposes, hurting the D’Ni’s civilization
  • Use the journals to guide your way through the expansive and unearthly environments
  • Completely free 360-degree panning lets you explore five completely new Ages
  • Explore enthralling mystical worlds where plants are used as machines, where machines dominate the landscape, and have other amazing features
  • Impressive visuals and in-depth gmeplay will have you exploring the Ages of Myst for hours and hours!

Product Description
Myst III: Exile is the incredible sequel to Myst & Riven features more of the hauntingly beautiful graphics & intense puzzle solving, weaved around a complex and engrossing Product Description
Myst III: Exile, the groundbreaking PC title, has come to PS2. The title transports players 10 years forward in the Myst universe, where a new villain lies in wait. Saavedro, played by Academy Award® nominee Brad Dourif, has been hiding on Atrus’s A… More >>

Myst III Exile

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