Ragnarok DS

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  • Armor and weapons can be upgraded by a blacksmith, or by affixing effect cards dropped by defeated monsters. Blacksmith upgrades will improve an item?s overall stats, while effect cards boost specific features.
  • Characters earn both status and skill points each time they gain a level, and these points can be allocated to customize the skills across a wide range of different job classes such as Swordsman, Thief, and Merchant.
  • All attacks and commands are performed on the Touch Screen. Slash with the stylus to attack with your sword, and circle or tap the intended target to unleash magic spells.
  • Play through more than 50 floors, featuring randomly generated maps and completion conditions with up to 2 other friends via the DS multi-card wireless play option.
  • Special items for the original PC version can only be obtained through the DS version of the game. By providing cross-game connectivity with the PC version, fans will be able to further enjoy both versions of the game.

Product Description
Throughout the world, the people of the major powers throughout the land live in peace and prosperity, unaware that a great evil lurks on the horizon. There is a clandestine group, under the guise of scholarly research, plotting to resurrect a goddess whose time has long since passed. To achieve this goal, they need two things; a vessel of flesh and blood to house the spirit of the goddess, and the lives of every living being offered up as a sacrifice. It is agai… More >>

Ragnarok DS

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