Rondo of Swords

Posted by staff | Posted in Role Playing | Posted on 04-01-2011


  • Multiple storylines and endings
  • Customizable skills and strategic devices
  • Ability to send troops on errands and quests
  • Momentum counter to gain stat bonuses and control your enemy targets
  • Challenging strategy RPG gameplay

From the Manufacturer
The Kingdom of Bretwalde is situated in the center of the continent of Bravord and surrounded on all sides by strong nations. It was established by a holy knight whose blade drove back the Darkness that threatened to engulf the land. On this day in Bretwalde, the people are mourning their recently fallen king with a solemn funeral. But during the ceremony, the neighboring Grand Meir empire attacked without warning. One by one,the knights of Bretwalde fell to Grand… More >>

Rondo of Swords

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